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2012 Black & Tan Days Friday Nite Hunt and Memorial Show Results
Posted on 05/04/2012 in Coonhounds.

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UKC Licensed Nite Hunt

MOH: Jamie Perron
Total Entered: 276

Grand Nite Champion

1st: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Hauck’s Casey, B&T, owned by Henry, second from left, or Travis , right, of Dixon, Missouri, handled by Henry, 475+. Also shown are Rod Stewart and Sutton Hauck.

2nd: GR NITE CH Riser's Lil THumper, B&T, owned by Ron Riser, right, 300+. Also shown is Rod Stewart.

3rd: CH GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Nelson’s Northern Mandy 2, owned by Jeff Nelson, right, or Jeff Galvin, handled by John Dunlavy, left, 225+.

Nite Champion

1st: NITE CH ‘PR’ Bad to the Bones Snooki, B&T, owned by Dean Miller, second from left, of Berlin, Ohio, handled by Mike Smith, center, 675+. Also shown are Bill Mack, Doc Vinson and Kenny Bundy.

2nd: CH NITE CH Robinson’s Majic Mojo, B&T, owned and handled by Jason Robinson, center, of Bowdon, Georgia, 600+. Also shown are Ray Lilly and Jamie Swan.

3rd: NITE CH ‘PR’ Oklah. Full Throttle Harry, B&T, owned by Randy Leader, right, or Butch Skipworth, second from left, 600+. Also shown are Raymond Leader and Charlie Krutsinger.

4th: NITE CH ‘PR’ Crazy After Dark, B&T, owned and handled by Drew Tiplady of Liberty Center, Ohio, 600+. Shown are Shawn Stovall, Nick Miller and Bryan Davis.

5th: GR CH NITE CH ‘PR’ Steber So. Blue Penny, BLU, owned and handled by John Steber, center, 575+. Also shown are Phillip Frederick and Paul Frederick.


1st: ‘PR’ Missouri’s Coon Crazy Bandit, TW, owned by David J. Hicks, right, of Aurora, Missouri, handled by Irvin Hochstetler, 900+. Also shown is Danny Evans.

2nd: 'PR' Shorter Creeks Hanks Joe, TW, owned by Josh Shorter, right, and Jamie Shorter, left, of Carlisle, Indiana, handled by Josh, 900+.

3rd: 'PR' Eglis Ragin Black Ughly Gus, B&T, owned by Donnie Egli of Lockridge, Iowa, handled by Vernon Merchand, right, 425+. Also shown is Caleb Raber.

4th: ‘PR’ Jon Dilinger, B&T, owned by Nick Shaw, second from right, or Susie Shaw, second from left, handled by Nick, 425+. Also shown are Chyna Shaw and Gunner Sims.

5th: 'PR' Kraft's Rocking K Black Susie, B&T, owned by Michael Kraft of Oregon, Illinois, handled by David Meridian, right, 400+. Also shown is Sean Jenkins.

6th: ‘PR’ Evans Piper, B&T, owned and handled by Danny Evans, right, of Monett, Missouri, 387˝+. Also shown is David Hicks.

7th: ‘PR’ Jenkin’s Mighty Boone, B&T, owned by Savhanna Jenkins, second from right, handled by Sean Jenkins, center, 375+. Also shown are Paige Guinn, John Guinn and Syngen Jenkins.

8th: ‘PR’ Bee Creek Dr Max, B&T, owned and handled by James Vanwinkle, shown, of Morrison, Tennessee, 350+.

9th: ‘PR’ Guest River Cry Baby, B&T, owned and handled by Larry Stallard, right, of Norton, Virginia, 350+. Also shown are Walter Carloe, Jimmy Stallard, Darrell Stallard and Troy Stallard.

10th: ‘PR’ Cansler’s Black Ann, B&T, owned and handled by Jon Cansler, right, 300+. Also shown is Justin Oliver.

Non-Licensed B&T Memorial Bench Show

Best Male of Memorial Show: NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Oldtowns Nasty Black Boomer, owned by Kevin, right, and Casey Ramey, second from right, of Sherrodsville, Ohio, handled by Kevin. Also shown are Kaden Ramey and Rachel Weinstock.

Best Female of Memorial Show: CH ‘PR’ All Night Scandal, owned and handled by Mike Pennington, right, of Salem, Indiana. Also shown are John Garlitch, Terri Dolbear and Paula Pennington.