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2011 World Hunt Recap
Posted on 05/09/2011 in Out On A Limb.

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Todd Kellam

Another World Championship has come and gone and all in all it was a very enjoyable and successful weekend. First I would like to congratulate Chuck and Mark Gaietto on their new World Champion, Garner’s Jukebox Babe, a three-year-old Mountain Cur female. I spent three rounds in the woods during the weekend taking pictures and shooting some video for the publications and the UKC website and, as luck would have it, I ended up all three times on casts that Babe had drawn to, so I got a really good luck at what a World Champion caliber squirrel dog is all about. I enjoyed watching Babe go and the time spent talking to Chuck and Mark, and am very proud of our new World Champion squirrel dog.

Congratulations are also in order for our new World Show Champion, CH SQCH Arrow Run Rymer, a two-year-old Mountain Cur male by SQCH Smokin’ Bullet and out of SQCH CH NITECH Walp’s Alabama Cocoa, and he is owned by Rex Rymer of Crandall, Georgia. Unfortunately I was not able to watch the show this year as I was in the woods with the final cast. I can tell you that the show was judged by retired UKC Field Representative Jim Simpson and Jim is a very well respected Bench Show Judge, so if he passed Jim’s approval, it was well deserved.

The Johnson County Houndsmen did another excellent job preparing for and ultimately carrying out all the requirements that make for a successful event. They had plenty of guides, they had quality non-hunting judges for those casts that needed them, they ran a good kitchen all weekend, and had a very workable facility. All in all, this club is one of the strongest in the world of UKC squirrel dogs, and I very much appreciate all they did. Plus they are just fun to be around.

The only complaint we could have had regarding the weather was some strong wind to deal with. The temperatures were cool, but comfortable, and nice for running dogs, but the wind was a challenge and some dogs probably didn’t advance because of simply getting out of pocket and out of hearing. It’s one of those luck-of-the-draw factors that is beyond anybody’s control, but can and does come into play. I was more worried about how it would affect the movement of game, but that was not a big issue, and I don’t remember having any dead casts.

I’d like to thank both Tri-Tronics and Full Cry magazine for sponsoring prizes for the event. We also awarded a dog box which United Kennel Club was proud to sponsor. And I hope that you all find that the event winners’ photos are second to none. Additionally, if you visit the UKC website you will find a short video of the event. While I’m not an expert camera man by any stretch of the imagination, you will get to see some good footage of the new World Champion doin’ her thing. You can see that at

The date and location of next year’s UKC World Championship has not been announced, but start planning on getting your dog qualified at a WQE near you. This is really turning into a good event, and UKC is determined to continue building this program. But we need your participation to be able to do more for you Cur and Feist people.

Next month we will try to cover more information on the all-new hunt test program for squirrel dogs.