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2011 Winter Classic Saturday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 01/30/2011 in Coonhounds.

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Overall Nite Hunt Winner: NITE CH 'PR' R&R'S Cutter Cain, TW, owned by William Read or Doug Read of Austin, Kentucky, handled by Derek Roberts, center, 875+. Also shown are Allen Roberts, Billy King, Louis Hefner, Dudley Read, Mason Daniels, Gary Tom Beaty, William Clayton, Wade Hill and Steve Williams.

Grand Nite Champion: GR NITE CH 'PR' Portwoods Tall Timber Ruby, TW, owned and handled by Nathan Portwood, right, of Ringgold, Georgia, 825+. Also shown is Bobby Cagle.

Nite Champion

1st/Treeing Walker Breeders and Fanciers Association High Scoring Male/Georgia Federation of Coonhunters High Scoring Male: NITE CH 'PR' CS Spiders Shocker, TW, owned by Chris Scarbrough, center, and Trevor McCarthy, left, of Fortson, Georgia, handled by Chris, 758+. Also shown are Aaron Land, Jack Land and Scott Neely.

2nd: NITE CH 'PR' Honeycutt's Hard Wood Bozo, TW, owned by Max Honeycutt, right, or James Chaney of La Grange, Georgia, handled by Johnny Webb, second from right, 500+. Also shown are Conner Folds and Jacob Webb.

3rd: NITE CH 'PR' Connell's Jackson, ENG, owned and handled by Larry J Connell, shown, of O'brien, Florida, 450+.

4th: NITE CH 'PR' All Nite Blue Go-Joe, BLU, owned by Travis McCarthy, left, or Jerry Spurlock, right, of Danville, Indiana, handled by Travis, 450+.

5th: NITE CH 'PR' O'Quinn and Swails Slammer, ENG, owned by Greg O'Quinn, right, and Michael Swails of Nahunta, Georgia, handled by Elwood Strickland, 425+. Also shown is Ronnie O'Quinn.


1st: 'PR' Witchdoctor's Stylish Juice, TW, owned by Kendall Maggard or Patrick Maggard of Hyden, Kentucky, handled by Chuck Adkins, left, 787+. Also shown is Curtis Eldridge.

2nd/American Black and Tan Association High Scoring Male: 'PR' Valley Creek Black Out, BT, owned by Allen Franklin or Chris Haynes, right, of La Grange, Georgia, handled by Chris Haynes, 758+. Also shown are Luke Haynes, Lane Haynes, Gary Woods and Richard Bradley.

3rd: 'PR' Spiderman's Webb, TW, owned and handled by Seth D. Johnson, third from left, of Waverly Hall, Georgia, 575+. Also shown are Brad Phillips, Jason Land, Chris Scarbrough, Trevor McCarty and Aaron Land.

4th: 'PR' Tucker N Meads Blue Boomer II, BLU, owned and handled by Terry Tucker, right, or Ed Mead, left, of Albion, Michigan, 400+.

5th: GR CH 'PR' Hagermans' Smokin Bl. Jake, BLU, owned by Greg Haggerman, left, or Ronald A Casey of Jolo, West Virginia, handled by Ron Casey, 400+. Also shown are Bill Jobe, Hugh Casey and Scott Casey.

6th: 'PR' Haley's Bad News Bociphus, BT, owned and handled by David Haley, left, of Plainfield, Indiana, 250+. Also shown is Bob Newman.

7th/United English Breeders and Fanciers Association/Southern English Association High Scoring Male: 'PR' Cane Spring Tigger, ENG, owned by Gussy Allen, left, or Tina Allen, center, of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, handled by Charlie Kight, right, 225+.

8th: 'PR' Bridges Flatwoods Pete, TW, owned by Steve Bridges, left, or John Marshall Bridges of Pikeville, Tennessee, handled by Phillip Bridges, center, 200+. Also shown is Chris Tabor.

9th: 'PR' Mister Tom, TW, owned and handled by William Moore of Ellerslie, Georgia, 175+. Shown are Brad Phillips, Patrick Moore and Sam Hodges.

10th: 'PR' Jackson's Radio, ENG, owned by James Brogdon of Columbus, Georgia, handled by James Dusty Brogdon, second from left, 175+. Also shown are Kyle Harrison, Aaron Land and Trevor McCarty.

American Black and Tan Coonhound Association High Scoring Female: Rough Creek Bumble Bea, owned by Jamie Swan, left, of Fairchild, Wisconsin. Also shown are Steve Lilly and Carl Minehart.

American Redbone Coonhound Association/National Redbone Coonhound Association High Scoring Female: Good News Outlaw Annie Oakley, owned by Shawn and Priscilla Hooks of Swainsboro, Georgia, handled by Kris Riner, shown.

Bluetick Breeders of America/Bluetick Breeders and Coonhunters Association High Scoring Male: Stillwater Farms Blue Legend, owned by Tom Jennings, center, and Matt Turner, left, of Covington, Ohio, handled by Zach Farls, right.

United English Breeders and Fanciers Association High Scoring Female: Appalachian After Dark Chaching, owned by Daniel Pritchett of Madison, Georgia, handled by Kenneth Pritchett.