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2011 Walker Days Lee Crawford Pup Extravaganza Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 04/15/2011 in Coonhounds.

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Lee Crawford Pup Extravaganza

UKC Licensed Nite Hunt
MOH: Grant Noeske
Total Entered: 52

Final Four Cast: ‘PR’ Trackman’s Stylish Legend, Doug Keaton, 'PR' Mojo's Mr. Green, Scott Engle, Tony Daviduk, 'PR' Tallman's Middle Creek Rebel, Nick Brady, NITE CH 'PR' Maxey's Stone Ridge Boomer II and John Maxey.

Nite Champion/4th Overall: NITE CH ‘PR’ Maxey’s Stone Ridge Boomer II, male, owned and handled by John J. Maxey, shown, of Mansfield, Ohio, 750+.


1st/3rd Overall: ‘PR’ Tallman’s Middle Creek Rebel, male, owned and handled by Trevor Tallman, left, of Middlebourne, West Virginia, 1050+. Also shown are Nick Brady and Scotty Curtis.

2nd/2nd Overall: ‘PR’ Mojo’s Mr. Green, male, owned by Scott Engle, right, or Todd Warner of Hillsboro, Ohio, handled by Scott, 925+. Also shown is Tony Bowman.

3rd/1st Overall: ‘PR’ Trackman’s Stylish Legend, male, owned and handled by Douglas Keaton, center, of Culloden, West Virginia, 600+. Also shown are Leonard McCormick and Kenny Mason.

4th: ‘PR’ High Point Bess, female, owned by Dean Miller of Topeka, Indiana, handled by Mike Nissley, 425+. Shown are Lucas Barkman, Davey Nissley and Jeff Cole.

5th: ‘PR’ Buck Creek Scout, male, owned and handled by Ronnie Earlywine, center, of Flemingsburg, Kentucky, 375+. Also shown are William Dyer, Tony Bowman, Larry Toller and Ryan Carpenter.
6th: ‘PR’ Foggy Mountain Gomer, male, owned and handled by Randy Bentley of Wallingford, Kentucky, 275+.

7th: ‘PR’ Timber Cruzing Dotty, female, owned and handled by Rod Coselman, shown, of Lennon, Michigan, 275+.

8th: ‘PR’ Milo’s Little Sting, female, owned by Dave, Mike or Davey Nissley, right, of Topeka, Indiana, handled by Davey, 225+. Also shown are Lucas Barkman and Jeff Cole.

9th: ‘PR’ Skipper Styles Chainsmoker, male, owned by Russ Dethlefs, left, of St. Paul, Nebraska, handled by Jake Baker, second from right, 225+. Also shown are Trent Roesler and Josh Kohl.
10th: ‘PR’ Wipeout Screamin’ Deamon, male, owned and handled by Nathan Weaver of Fredericksburg, Ohio, 200+.