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2011 Rule Proposals
Posted on 01/09/2012 in Full Circle.

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Proposal 1a
Rule 6b. Keep the scratched for not hunting after five minutes rule the same and add that if a dog is put on the clock more then twice during the cast that it will receive -20 for each additional offense.
Failed 6 - 0

Proposal 1b
Run the non- hunting clock on a dog as an accumulative time instead of a continuous time. This would allow it to be tallied throughout the duration of the cast and help eliminate those dogs that come in and then go back out through the entire cast.
Failed 6 - 0

Proposal 2
Rule 3. Plus strike points if forward progress is made regardless if rabbit is seen or not by the cast. This would be a majority of the cast decision. Possibly require the track to end at a place of refuge if rabbit was not seen in order to plus strike points.
Failed 6 - 0

Proposal 3
(Policy Change) Allow the use of Garmin tracking devices at anytime during the cast.
Failed 6 - 0

Proposal 4
(Policy Change) Allow clubs the option to have 1.5 hour hunts from June 1st – September 15th.
Passed with Amendment 0 - 6

Proposal 5
(Policy Addition) Clear up cell phone policy (Performance Pack) and add to the HB rulebook.
Pass with Amendment 0 - 6

Proposal 6
Rule 6c. Minus a dog its strike position if handler fails to strike it on or before the third bark after the first three minutes of the hunt. Some people are abusing this rule to their advantage.
(Note) Possibly on second offense.
Failed 6 - 0

Proposal 7
(Rule Addition) Any individual that is serving probation will not be allowed to judge, guide or be MOH/HD.
Pass with Amendment 0 -6

Proposal 8
(Rule Addition) Allow clubs the option to have a HBCH winners pack. This would have to be listed as such in the UKC official Upcoming Events listing.
Failed 5 - 1

Proposal 9a
Rule 2. Change the strike point system to 100 for first strike, 70 for second strike, and 60 for third and fourth strike.
Failed 6 - 0

Proposal 9b
Rule 2. Change the strike point system to the same point system currently used for speed and drive.
Failed 5 - 1

Proposal 10
Rule 15c. Change checks from 1 minute without barking to 30 seconds without barking.
Failed 6 - 0

Proposal 11
Rule 3d. Add to this rule that the “first track” is the track that first strike is being held on.
Failed 6 - 0

Proposal 12
Rule 6. Add that if Non-Hunting Judge or majority of cast if Hunting-Judge is used has not given permission to handle dogs that dog will be scratched if handled by handler.
Pass with Amendment 0 - 6

2012 Hunting Beagle, Rule/Policy Changes

Cell Phone Usage Policy
Effective January 1, 2012. All handlers and spectators are advised of the UKC cell phone policy. The use of any electronic message devices is strictly prohibited except for reasonable situations that are acceptable and/or necessary (judge’s decision). Any individual found guilty of any messaging, with reference to scores prior to the conclusion of the event, will be barred indefinitely.
Above, you will find the new UKC cell phone policy that pertains to all UKC licensed Hunting Beagle events. This policy is in place to deter the improper use of cell phones during events. Please make sure that you abide by it as a participant and make sure that your spectators are aware of it.

Addition to Rule 1
Effective January 1, 2012. Between June 1 and September 30 it will be the clubs option to run 90-minute casts instead of the traditional 120-minute cast time that you are used to. This is strictly the host clubs option and is not mandatory. This option does not pertain to Registered winners packs. The allotted cast time does not need to be listed in the Upcoming Events Listing.

After entries are closed, and before the casts are announced, the host club must announce and post in plain view to all participants the allotted cast time. Example, 90- or 120-minute casts.

This option will not be available for the following:
• Elimination Style Hunting Beagle Events in the first round where the Registered entry is 16 dogs or less or where the HBCH or GRHBCH entry is 4 dogs or less. It is still mandatory that these be 120 minutes.
• Hunting Beagle World Qualifying Events regardless of the date of the event.
It is still mandatory that these be 120 minutes.

Please keep in mind that this option is only available for events that fall between June 1 and September 30. Any clubs that are found to be in violation of this will be subject to sanctions by UKC.

Addition to Rule 9 & 10
Individuals serving probation will not be allowed to judge or serve as MOH/HD at UKC licensed Hunting Beagle events.

Addition to Rule 6
(Dogs will be scratched) if handler, handles dog without judges permission.