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2011 Plott Days - Thursday All Plott RQE Nite Hunt
Posted on 08/05/2011 in Coonhounds.

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Thursday, August 4 All Plott RQE Nite Hunt

MOH: John Hembree
Total Entered: 55

1st/1st RQE: NITECH PR Herrell’s Miss T, owned and handled by Bill Herrell (left) of Peru, Indiana, 612.5+. Also shown is Steve Swinford.

2nd: WCH Charles Mean Lake Mike, owned and handled by Charles Filtz (center) of Hatley, Wisconsin, 450+. Also shown are Seth Baranowski and Ken Jozwiak.

3rd: Garrison’s Lead, owned and handled by Jim Garrison (center) of Rayville, Missouri. 325+. Also shown are Jesse Howell and Tim Hickman.

4th/2nd RQE: Lomax’s Amazing Brown Fly, owned and handled by Jeremy Lomax (shown) of Collison, Illinois, 275+.

5th/3rd RQE: PR Barkin Hills Copper Top, owned by Edward Adair (left) or Jeff Coons of Richmondville New York and handled by Ed Adair (right), 262.5+.

6th: ‘PR’ Franklin’s Hemlock Ben, owned by Bobby Franklin (second from right) of Tellico Plains, Tennessee, and handled by Nick Erny (left), 250+. Also shown are Diamond Brown, Hoop Franklin and Ray Brown.

7th/4th RQE: NITECH CH PR Doc’s Plott Becky II, owned and handled by Tim Hickman (center) of Orange City, Indiana, 225+. Also shown are Darrell Hunt, Jim Garrison, Craig DeRyke and Randy Notten.

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8th/5th RQE: NITECH PR Bare Foot Floyd, owned and handled by Dustin Davis (center) of Decatur, Tennessee, 225+. Also shown are Brendan Davis, Randy Lester and Kevin Moses.

9th/6th RQE: GRNITECH GRCH PR Rugged Hills Sudden Impact, owned and handled by Allen Moses (right) of Athens, Tennessee, 200+. Also shown is Angela Moses.

10th: ‘PR’ Woodard’s Stone Mountain Moses, owned and handled by Randy Woodard (center) of Jonesville, Virginia, 175+. Also shown are Richard Turchin, Charlie Shortridge, Randall Winchester and Rick Wright.

11th/7th RQE: GRNITECH CH PR Cody’s & Smith’s Carolina Scout, owned and handled by Robbie Cody of Marietta, South Carolina, 150+. Also shown is Tiffany Cody.

12th/8th RQE: GRCH PR Brindlewood’s Rebel, owned and handled by Allen Boothroyd (left) of Tolland, Connecticut, 150+. Also shown is AllenBoothroyd Sr.

13th/9th RQE: NITECH PR Ice’s Lot A Grit Boone, owned and handled by Chris Powell (right) of Dilkboro, Indiana, 125+. Also shown is Kora Powell.

14th/10th RQE: NITECH PR Lot A Grit Rachel, owned by Chris Powell (center) or Gary Miller of Dilkboro, Indiana and handled by Rich Emery (right), 100+. Also shown is Kora Powell.

15th: GR CH ‘PR’ Trumbo’s Sandy Hook Goldie, owned and handled by David Trumbo of Valparaiso, Indiana, 25+. Also shown is Lucille Trumbo.

16th: ‘PR’ Barron’s Baby, owned and handled by Buddy Barron (second from left) of Elgin, Texas, 275+. Also shown are Clair Hostetler, Carl vicars and Bud Ramsey.

17th: NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Big Branch Walker, owned and handled by Lee Cross (center holding Briar Cross) of Montgomery, Pennsylvania, 225+. Also shown are Colby Springman, Addison Cross and Tanner Springman.

18th: Anderson/Allen N Ga Plott Rowdy, owned by Jonah or Wayne Allen (second from left) of Emerson, Georgia and handled by Paul Rollins (third from left). Also shown are Hunter Anderson, Jarrod Rollins, Eddie Anderson and Dwayne Emke.

19th: CH GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Angel Ridge Redwood Dixie, owned by Wes Good of Ripley, West Virginia, and handled by Evan Workman.

20th: NITE CH CH ‘PR’ Esteppe’s Bean Creek Apache, owned by Lou or Lane Esteppe of Poomace, Illinois and handled by Lane.