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2011 Plott Days - Friday Water Race & Field Trial
Posted on 08/05/2011 in Coonhounds.

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UKC Licensed Water Race Friday, August 5

COJ: Gary Cox
Total Entered: 42
Grand Champion

Grand Final Line & Tree: CH GR WCH ‘PR’ Charlie’s Meare Luke Mick, owned and handled by Charlie Filtz of Hatley, Wisconsin. Also shown are Ken Jozwiak, Seth Baranowski and Dave Trumbo.


Grand Final Line & Tree: WCH ‘PR’ Hogan’s Knockout Ranger, owned by Allen or Andrew Hogan of Junction City, Wisconsin and handled by Allen Jr. (left). Also shown are Stephanie Hogan and Orvill Mansfield.


Grand Final Line & Tree: ‘PR’ Calico Valley Ladybug, TW, Jarrod or Paul Rollins of Fairmount, Georgia, and handled by Jarrod (center). Also shown are Hunter Anderson and Mike McDaniels.

UKC Licensed Field Trial Friday, August 5
COJ: Craig DeRyke
Total Entered: 26

Grand Final Line & Tree: FCH ‘PR’ Wickham County No, Plott, owned and handled by William Wickham (center) of Ontario, Canada. Also shown are Kaite Croom, Kaye Allison and Marion Allison.


Grand Final Line: ‘PR’ Tuscara Big Brin, Plott, owned by J. Kevin Lundholm of New Philadelphia, Ohio, and handled by Seth Keller.

Grand Final Tree: ‘PR’ Keller’s Redwood Spike, Plott, owned by Jody and Abby Keller of Cadiz, Ohio, and handled by Abby.