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2011 Black and Tan Days Saturday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 05/08/2011 in Coonhounds.

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King of Hunt: GR NITE CH North Ohio Secret Weapon, B&T, owned by Nick Miller, right, of Napoleon, Ohio, handled by Drew Tiplady, left.

Queen of Hunt: NITE CH Bauer’s Kansas Millie, owned and handled by Blaise Bauer, right, of Girard, Kansas. Also shown is Troy Cornell.

UKC Licensed Nite Hunt
MOH: Phillip D. Herron
Total Entered: 150

Grand Nite Champion

1st: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ McCoin’s Black River Buddy, B&T, owned and handled by Chad McCoin, left, of Hartford City, Indiana, 850+. Also shown are Austin Studebaker and Mike Poe.

2nd/High Scoring Treeing Walker: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Wild Rooster, TW, owned and handled by Kevin Garriott, left, 525+. Also shown is Greg Garriott.
3rd/High Scoring English: GR CH GR NITE CH Halls Briar Creek Red, ENG, owned and handled by Darrell Patterson, 425+.

Nite Champion

1st: CH NITE CH Lonestar Doc Holiday, B&T, owned by Greg Tomlinson, left, or Sally Puska of Tenaha, Texas, handled by Greg, 500+. Also shown is Scott Morehead.
2nd: CH NITE CH ‘PR’ Sweat’s Sweet Sugar, TW, owned and handled by Erik Lofts of Lincoln, Nebraska, 400+.

3rd: NITE CH ‘PR’ Johnson’s Screaming Pearl, TW, owned and handled by Jasen Schumm, left, of Wayne City, Illinois, 350+. Also shown is Lane Schumm.
4th: NITE CH Bauer’s Kansas Millie, 350+.
5th: NITE CH Nichols Water Oak Molly, B&T, owned and handled by Roger Gurley of L.C., Missouri, 350+.


1st: Whitakers Black Smokey IV, B&T, owned and handled by Tim Whitaker, right, of Paragon, Indiana, 600+. Also shown is Sam Whitaker.

2nd: Haley’s Bad News Bociphus, B&T, owned and handled by David Haley, shown, of Plainfield, Indiana, 400+.

3rd: Star Hill Ragin Black Judge, B&T, owned and handled by Frank Yates, left, of Raywick, Kentucky, 375+. Also shown is Lisa Yates.

4th: JW’s Timber Magic King Kong, B&T, owned by John F. Wood, left, of Monticello, Indiana, handled by Bryan Hitch, center, 350+. Also shown is EJ Dosier.

5th: Dilley’s Trackman Willy, TW, owned by Forrest Dilley, shown, of Brownstown, Illinois, handled by Justin Fry, 300+.

6th: Powerhouse Buck, ENG, owned and handled by Jeffrey A. Hurt, shown, of Evansville, Indiana, 225+.

7th: Big Creeks Lucey, B&T, owned and handled by Bryan Moody, second from left, of Allardt, Tennessee, 225+. Also shown are Ricky Anderson, Case Moody and Johnny Lee.

8th: Rough Country Streak, B&T, owned and handled by George Hobbs, shown, of Glenwood, Arkansas, 200+.
9th: Dr. Slash, TW, owned and handled by Marty Chumly of Mulberry Grove, Illinois, 175+.

High Scoring American Leopard Hound: Riley’s Flathead Valley Bolt, owned and handled by Rex Laker.

High Scoring Plott: NITE CH GR CH Middlefork Nitehawk, owned and handled by Welby Adkins,shown, of Paxton, Illinois.

Youth Championship
Total Entered: 25

1st: Marty Mayer, right, 17, handled ‘PR’ Mayer’s Midnight Majic Shine, B&T, owned by Eddie Mayer, left, of Fairfield, Kentucky, 775+.

2nd: Skyler Castleberry, right,17, handled GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Gardners Black Clyde, B&T, owned by Arnold Moore of Sterrett, Alabama, 550+. Also shown is Bradley Thomas.

3rd: Aaron Weaver, right, 15, handled ‘PR’ Jims Cherryhill Lou, B&T, owned by Jim Jacque, left, of Ashland, Ohio, 375+. Also shown is Mitch Weaver.

4th: Ryley Lewis, center, 15, handled NITE CH Lewis’ Indiana Blazin Penny, TW, owned by Ty Lewis, left, of Rochester, Indiana. Also shown is Tyce Lewis.

5th: Demetrius Swilley II, left, 12, handled GR NITE CH GR CH Sundown Stainless Steel, B&T, owned by Demetrius Swilley, Sr., right, or Alan Johnson of Mt. Morris, Michigan, 100+.

6th: Tyce Lewis, center, 13, handled his own dog CH Lewis Indiana Red Rink, RED, 25+. Also shown are Ty Lewis and Ryley Lewis.

7th: Jordan Bloemer, center, handled NITE CH Little River Ace Nelson, owned by Paul Langdon, right. Also shown is Andy Griffy.

8th: Kyle McClung, second from right, handled Macks Duelin Pete owned by Brian, second from left, or Kyle McClung. Also shown are Jake McClelland and Mark Scheckel.

9th: Jared Daulton, shown, handled NITE CH Carolina Cash Jr owned by Jared or Ralph Daulton.
Jacob Sims handled Rocket’s Bad News Black Moon owned by Alan Holding or Steve Rice.