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2011 Black and Tan Days Friday Nite Hunt and Memorial Show Results
Posted on 05/07/2011 in Coonhounds.

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UKC Licensed Nite Hunt

MOH: Paul Frederick
Total Entered: 232

Grand Nite Champion

1st: GR NITE CH North Ohio Secret Weapon, B&T, owned by Nick Miller, left, of Napoleon, Ohio, handled by Drew Tiplady, right, 1,300+.

2nd: Carl Minehart, Mary McAteer, Chyna Shaw, Susie Shaw, Nick Shaw and Shane Bland.

3rd: Becky Garriott, Kevin Garriott and Greg Garriott.

Nite Champion

1st: NITE CH Smokin Loud Mouth Duke, B&T, owned by Paul Fulbright and John McKinney, center, of Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina, handled by Paul Fulbright, 725+. Also shown are Todd Wicks, Taylor Bostian and Randy Valentine.

2nd/High Scoring Bluetick: NITE CH Kaskaskla River Blue Dizzie, BLU, owned by Mark Vandeventer, right, and Doug Leigh of Sullivan, Illinois, handled by Mark, 550+. Also shown is Jim Frederick.

3rd: NITE CH A&W Root Beers Itsy Bitsy Spider, B&T, owned and handled by Will C. Russell, left, of Rock Springs, Wyoming, 450+. Also shown is Erik Lofts.

4th: NITE CH ‘PR’ Frye Hill Mr Grandslam, TW, owned by Josh Edwards, second from left, or Andy Melin, second from right, of Williamsport, Indiana, handled by Josh, 425+. Also shown are Roger Smith and Kolton Perry.

5th/High Scoring Redbone: NITE CH ‘PR’ Lundys Fish Creek Red Rebel, RED, owned and handled by Larry D. Walker, shown, of Spencer, Indiana, 425+.


1st: ‘PR’ Rock Acres Setem Up Grace, B&T, owned by Robert Bonneau, center, of Lempster, New Hampshire, handled by James Martindale, left, 750+. Also shown is Frenchie Beland.

2nd: Morgan White Oak Rage, B&T, owned by David Morehead, left, and Rob Manternach, center, of Bernard, Iowa, handled by Rob, 575+. Also shown is Todd Wicks.

3rd: Moonshines TW Smoker, B&T, owned and handled by David Morehead, center, 550+. Also shown are Reece Samuelson and John White.

4th: Boomer 3, BLU, owned and handled by Kevin Pruemer, second from left, of Dieterich, Illinois, 450+. Also shown are Konnor Pruemer, Riley Pruemer and Karson Pruemer.

5th: Egli’s Ragin Black Ughly Guss, B&T, owned by Donnie Egli, center, of Lock Ridge, Iowa, handled by Vernon Merchand, left, 425+. Also shown is William Osmon.

6th: Rosenbargers Midnight Gunsho, B&T, owned and handled by Allen Rosenbarger, left, of Lexington, Indiana, 425+. Also shown is Adrienne Rosenbarger.

7th: Blackburns Jiggs, B&T, owned and handled by James Blackburn, center, of Blanco, Texas, 400+. Also shown are Diana Blackburn and Haskell Wright.

8th: McCoins Black River Blackie, B&T, owned by Chad McCoin, second from right, of Hartford City, Indiana, handled by Mark Poe, second from left, 375+. Also shown are Brad Hile and Austin Studebaker.

9th: Tennessee Trip, B&T, owned by Michael Mizell of Antioch, Tennessee, handled by Don Fox, 325+. Shown are Matt Wachter and Jim Henderson.

10th: Hook Up Salem, B&T, owned and handled by Gerald Owen, left, of Hustonville, Kentucky, 275+. Also shown are Ronnie Wilson and Tony Barnes.

Memorial Show (B&T Only) Non-Licensed

Best Male of Memorial Show: GR CH ‘PR’ Evertt’s Hit Man, owned and handled by Dave Myers, right, of South Fork, Pennsylvania. Also shown is Justin Hogan.

Best Female of Memorial Show: CH ‘PR’ N&M’s Bill’s Black Jodee, owned and handled by Julie LuAnn Metsker, second from right, of Lawrence, Kansas. Also shown are Matt Noll, Andrew Noll, Mark Wheeler and Richard White.