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2011 BBOA Bluetick Days Saturday Bench Show Results
Posted on 05/14/2011 in Coonhounds.

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UKC Licensed Bench Show

BSJ: Mike Hayworth
Total Entered: 31

King of Show: CH ‘PR’ Kraut Creek Mighty Blue 8 Bawl, owned by Robert Welch, second from right, or Don Spice, Sr., left, of Greenville, Ohio. Also shown are John Welling and Mike Hayworth.

Queen of Show: CH ‘PR’ Tully’s Rockhills Kayla II, owned by Lori Tully of North Lawrence, Ohio, handled by Bob Tully, fifth from right. Also shown are Stan Horsley, Mike Hayworth, Jessica Esquer, JP Tully, Warren Sturtz, Corey Gruver, Dan Rainville, Brad Clark and Eli Laroche.

Grand Champion Male: GR CH GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Uchtmans So. Blue Clint, BLU, owned by Alan Denny or Jason Tedder, second from left, of Marion, Indiana, handled by Andi Elburn, second from right. Also shown are Mark Hauck and Mike Hayworth.

Grand Champion Female: GR CH ‘PR’ Little Walnut Abe’s Mercy Me, TW, owned by Vallen Nelson and Andi Elburn, right, of Joplin, Missouri, handled by Andi. Also shown is Jeff Smith.

Champion Male: CH ‘PR’ Kraut Creek Mighty Blue 8 Bawl.
Champion Female: CH ‘PR’ Tully’s Rockhills Kayla II.

BMOS: ‘PR’ Winninghams Blue Buddy, BLU, owned by William Winningham, left, of Bradford, Arkansas, handled by Whitney Bray, center. Also shown is Lauren Winningham.

BFOS: ‘PR’ Fields' Cabin Creek Trixie, ENG, owned by Jeff Johnson, left, or Jermy Wood of Palmyra, Virginia, handled by John Lock, center. Also shown is Russell Hamm.

Bluetick Coonhound
Male Puppy: ‘PR’ Double Ede Sledge, owned by Paul Estes and Kari Kemp of Niles, Michigan, handled by Kari.
Junior Male/BMOB: ‘PR’ Winninghams Blue Buddy.
Senior Male: NITE CH ‘PR’ Mackie Mans Eagle Maker, owned by Joshua Tully or Jessica Esquer.

Junior Female: ‘PR’ Northern Blue Fanny, owned and handled by Charles Locklear of Aberdeen, North Carolina. Shown are Scott Johnson and Bryan Faircloth.
Senior Female/BFOB: ‘PR’ Razor Ridge Little Lucy Girl, owned by Daniel or Amy Smith of McCurtain, Oklahoma, handled by Amy.

English Coonhound
Senior Female/BFOB: ‘PR’ Fields' Cabin Creek Trixie.

Redbone Coonhound

Male Puppy/BMOB: ‘PR’ Greens Hark Tail Hank, owned by Dawn, second from right, or James Green, right, of Angola, Indiana, handled by Dawn. Also shown are David Munoz and Elizabeth Green.

Treeing Walker Coonhound
Junior Male/BMOB: ‘PR’ Good News Lucky Revenge, owned by Taylor Hooks of Swainsboro, Georgia, handled by Wayne Kight.

Dual Grand Champion: GR NITe CH GR CH ‘PR’ Uchtman’s So. Blue Clint.

Dual Champion: NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Bums Treein Blue Patch, owned by Russ Downing or Dan Downing.

Pairs: ‘PR’ Rockin W’s Blue Cowboy Up and CH ‘PR’ Rockin W’s Blue Kahlua, both owned by Jody, left, or Whitney Bray, right, of Cabot, Arkansas.