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2011 BBOA Bluetick Days Friday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 05/14/2011 in Coonhounds.

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UKC Licensed Nite Hunt

MOH: Dale Parrish
Total Entered: 172

Grand Nite Champion

1st: GR NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Mulberry Blue Sender, BLU, owned and handled by Harry Pradon, shown, of Cartersville, Georgia, 900+.

2nd: GR NITE CH 'PR' Mann's Wild N Blue Chief, BLU, owned by Mackie Manns, Sr., left, 850+. Also shown is Mackie Manns, Jr.

Nite Champion

1st: NITE CH ‘PR’ Hilltop Nor Blu Boone, BLU, owned by Kevin D. Ennis, left, and Brent Miller of Bloomington, Indiana, handled by Troy Salyers, right, 575+. Also shown is Corky Burks.

2nd: NITE CH ‘PR’ Stillwater Farms Blue Image, BLU, owned and handled by Tom Jennings, shown, of Covington, Ohio, 575+.

3rd: CH NITE CH ‘PR’ Wild-N-Blue Hooker, BLU, owned by Trenton Phillips, second from left, handled by Doug DuBois, second from right, 512˝+. Also shown are Scott Phillips, Ed Mead and Terry Tucker.

4th: NITE CH 'PR' Hamms Southern Blue Jenny, BLU, owned by Russell Hamm, second from left, 475+. Also shown are Perry Metcalf, Jeff Johnson and Craig Harris.

5th: NITE CH 'PR' Indian Creek Blue Ann, BLU, owned by Joe Von Pilsen, right, 425+. Also shown is Brian Lucas.


1st: ‘PR’ Sheppard’s Nor. Bl. Abbie, BLU, owned and handled by Michael Sheppard, right, 950+. Also shown is Allison Jarman.

2nd: ‘PR’ Mad Dog 2 Time N Glo, BLU, owned and handled by Paul E. Vaughn, right, of Sweet Spring, Missouri, 600+. Also shown are Brian Hutchison and Tim Vaughn.

3rd: ‘PR’ Twilite Blu Foxy Futz, BLU, owned by Steven, left, or Erica Kitchen, center, of Lagrange, Indiana, handled by Steven, 575+. Also shown is Brittainy Kitchen.

4th/High Scoring English: ‘PR’ Saginaw Red Gold, ENG, owned and handled by George “The Dog Whisperer” Zapata, shown, of Jones, Michigan, 525+.

5th: ‘PR’ Northern Blu Time Bandit, BLU, owned and handled by Brent Betker, center, of Royalton, Minnesota, 450+. Also shown are Ed Mead, Terry Tucker, Paul Kieffer and Trenton Phillips.

6th: ‘PR’ Salt Creek Blue Hagger, BLU, owned by David Allen of Dewitt, Illinois, handled by Craig Harris, center, 425+. Also shown are Perry Metcalf and Bob Gleason.

7th: GR CH ‘PR’ Devils Creek Mamas Boy, BLU, owned and handled by Steve Brecourt, Jr., right, of Argyle, Iowa, 400+. Also shown is Corey Thorson.

8th: ‘PR’ Walker’s Blue Gator, BLU, owned and handled by Kyle Walker, center, 350+. Also shown are Derek Walker, Lukas Reagan, Tracy Selles and Roger Walker.

9th: ‘PR’ Son’s Northern Blue Bingo, BLU, owned by Ron Taylor, left, of Gosport, Indiana, handled by Jason Taggart, right, 350+.

10th: ‘PR’ Double AA Whiskey Blu. Rose, BLU, owned by Oscar T. or John H. Smith of Pomeroy, Ohio, handled by John, 350+.