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2011 BBOA Bluetick Days Friday Bench Show Results
Posted on 05/13/2011 in Coonhounds.

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UKC Licensed Bench Show

BSJ: Daniel K. Rosier
Total Entered: 45

Grand Champion Male: GR NITE CH GR CH Russ Treein Blu Bum, BLU, owned by Russell Downing, second from left, or Matt Downing, second from right, of Fennimore, Wisconsin, handled by Matt. Also shown are Trent Krough and Dan Downing.

Grand Champion Female: GR CH America’s Virginia Legacy, RED, owned by Dale or Laurie Young of Waterford, Michigan, handled by Dale, shown.

Champion Male: CH ‘PR’ Chip Off the Old Pop, BLU, owned by Debbie Killough, left, of Cabot, Arkansas, handled by Whitney Bray, right.

Champion Female: CH ‘PR’ Tully’s Rockhills Kayla II, BLU, owned by Lori Tully of North Lawrence, Ohio, handled by Bob Tully, second from right. Also shown are Mike Hayworth, Jessica Esquer, JP Tully and Warren Sturtz.

BMOS: Maddog Psyco Redneck Romeo, BLU, owned by Robbie Brooks, left, of Cascade, Wisconsin, handled by Lisa Brooks, right.

BFOS: Maddog Psyco Shot in the Dark, BLU, owned by John Dunlavy or Robbie Brooks, handled by Lisa Brooks.

Bluetick Coonhound
Male Puppy: ‘PR’ Night Talking Wet Willie, owned by Jeremy or Ryan Whitaker of Marseille, Illinois, handled by Jeremy.
Junior Male/BMOB: Maddog Psyco Redneck Romeo.

Senior Male: ‘PR’ Rock My World Mr. Blue Boy, owned by Parry or Jewel Edman, shown, of Newark, Ohio, handled by Jewel.
Female Puppy: ‘PR’ CSF Maggie’s Midnite Run, owned by Ben or Krystle Smith of Champaign, Illinois.
Junior Female/BFOB: Maddog Psyco Shot in the Dark.
Senior Female: ‘PR’ Razor Ridge Little Lucy Girl, owned by Daniel or Amy Smith of McCurtain, Oklahoma, handled by Amy.

English Coonhound
Junior Male/BMOB: ‘PR’ C&M’s Mighty Bama Express, owned by Chris and Melesa McNutt of Fairmount, Indiana, handled by Melesa.

Senior Female/BFOB: ‘PR’ Fields' Cabin Creek Trixie, owned by Jeff Johnson, left, or Jermy Wood of Palmyra, Virginia, handled by John Lock, right. Also shown is Hunter Lock.

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Senior Male/BMOB: ‘PR’ Halls Boy Rock, owned by Albert or Brad Hall, center, of Danville, Indiana, handled by Brad. Also shown are Travis McCarthy and Jerry Spurlock.