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2011 BBCHA Fall Round-Up Saturday Bench Show
Posted on 10/08/2011 in Coonhounds.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

BSJ: Mark Hauck
Total Entered: 20

King of Show: CH 'PR' Chip Off the Old Pop, BLU, owned by Debbie Killough, third from left, of Cabbot, Arkansas. Also shown are Brandon White, Whitney Bray, Allen Gingerich and Ed Mauney.

Queen of Show: GR CH Shelton's Star Trek, BLU, owned by Robert Shelton, second from left, of Marlaud, Oklahoma. Also shown are Brandon White, Ed Mauney and Bonner Wardrop.

Grand Champion Male: GR CH Claypole Blue Mark, owned by Richard Claypole, second from right, of Cadwell, Kansas. Also shown are Brandon White, Robert Shelton and Ed Mauney.
Grand Champion Female: GR CH Shelton's Star Trek.

Champion Male: CH 'PR' Chip Off the Old Pop.

Champion Female: CH 'PR' CSF Maggies Midnight Run, owned by Ben Smith, second from right, & Krystle Smith, second from left, of Champaign, Illinois. Also shown are Brandon White and Ed Mauney.

BMOS: Westendorf's Blue Fire Hazard, owned by Scott or Samantha Anderson, second from right, of Batesville, Arkansas. Also shown are Brandon White, Scott Westendorf, Hayle Smith and Ed Mauney.

BFOS: Rockin W's BlueGinny owned by Jody Bray and Whitney Bray, center, of Cabot, Arkansas. Also shown are Brandon White and Ed Mauney.

Bluetick Coonhound
Senior Male/BMOB: Westendorf's Blue Fire Hazard.
Puppy Female: Kieslar's Blue Mandy, owned by George Kieslar of Liberty, Illinois.
Junior Female/BFOB: Rockin W's BlueGinny.
Senior Male: Massengale's Blue Moon owned by Tommie Boles of Ashflat, Arkansas.

Dual Champion Male: CH NITE CH Kinsley's So Blue Cowboy II, BLU, owned by Jeffrey Kinsley, second from left, or Steve Kinsley of Crocker, Missouri, handled by Zach Shepherd, third from right. Also shown are Brandon White, Matt Brookshire, Josh Mudd and Ed Mauney.

Dual Champion Female: Nite CH GR CH 'PR' Uchtman's Grace Mini Me, BLU, owned by Jody Bray or Whitney Killough Bray, center, of Cabot, Arkansas, handled by Whitney. Also shown are Brandon White and Ed Mauney.

Pairs Winners: 'PR' Rockin W's Blue Cowboy-Up, BLU, owned by Jody and Whitney Bray, right, of Cabot Arkansas and CH 'PR' Rockin W's GR's Only Prettier, BLU, owned by Marissa Turner and Whitney Bray of Grove, Oklahoma. Also shown is Brandon White.