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10/21/2005: Dog Breeding, A Struggle Against Mediocrity

Part II. We previously discussed the difficulties that face today’s potential breeders, from those imposed by Mother Nature to the ones levied by state and community restrictions.

09/06/2005: Dog Breeding, A Struggle Against Mediocrity

Mediocre,” “too plain,” “just ordinary.” We hear those criticisms all too often in purebred dogs. How can it be that the litter sired by a handsome multiple Best In Show winner, out of an exquisitely beautiful Champion bitch can best be described as completely uneventful? Is it the sire’s fault? The dam’s?

08/27/2005: “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!”: The Chihuahua

After a number of years resting in a position among the more-but-not-most popular breeds, the Chihuahua popped back into the limelight with the gusto of a Mexican jumping bean, or perhaps we should say Mexican jumping taco.

07/23/2005: Consistent Judging

Consistency is the goal of every judge and every breeder. Is it possible to maintain it in today’s skyrocketing and far-flung dog show world?

06/22/2005: The Heart of the Matter

No dog - no matter how great, no matter how many Bests in Show it might have won - has it all. There never has been a perfect dog, and I sincerely doubt that there ever will be. Breed Standards do ask for it all however, and rightly so. It’s a case of the old adage that goes something like, “If you’re going to bother shooting, shoot for the moon!” You may not hit the target every time you shoot, but you sure as shootin’ aren’t going to hit the moon ever, if you don’t at least try.

05/22/2005: The Beagle: "Hale Fellow Well Met"

You may see him on the hunt as part of a pack, nose to trail giving, voice to the huntsman who follows. You might just as easily find him sitting at table having a pretend tea party with his young mistress.

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