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08/12/2005: Youth and Parents and Eight Minutes

You would think after all these years of applying the Nite Hunt Honor Rules that every question would have a solid, though admittedly not always easy, answer. It seems logical that every situation that could come up would have already been addressed with the addition of a rule to cover it. NOT.

07/06/2005: Judges, Drawing Casts and Judges, Immediate Family and 2-1-1 Votes.

We have received several phone calls and complaints as of late concerning Judges. They’ve mainly been regarding not having a good Judge to judge a cast or no one in the cast really wanting to take on the responsibility. Maybe we can offer some suggestions that might help if this is a problem at your club.

06/12/2005: To Minus or Circle, Authority of a Hunting Judge, Recasting

Dogs A, B, C and D are struck and treed in that order. The hunting Judge is the handler of dog A. The cast votes on how the tree should be scored. The hunting Judge and the handler of dog D vote to minus the tree. The other two cast members vote to circle the tree. How should the tree be scored? KP/GA

05/06/2005: Important Entry Information For Licensed Officials and Club Officers, The Apprentice, A Class Win Is All I Need and Spectators

Lately we’ve gotten a few calls from Officials where participants have been trying to enter dogs without papers, with copies or with improper papers. Obviously there are a few different ways to enter a dog. The three most common are with the Registration Certificate, the UKC Easy Entry™ Card and Registration Certificate and degree. Obviously copies, and Certificate and Degree, without registration papers will not be accepted.

04/12/2005: From the Message Board

There are some interesting questions that pop up on the UKC message board from time to time. The first question was discussed on the board recently and of course with some very strong opinions one way or another!

03/12/2005: Time Out/End of Hunt, All Dogs Declared Treed and Now you do. Now you don’t.

As expected with the few new rule changes for 2005/2006, the most frequently asked questions as of late pertain to the stationary rule. The first Q and A this month covers a few of these “what if” questions.

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