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08/06/2012: Reminders

Tracking Device Rules Reminder: Recently the UKC made a change in their Hunt Test (HTX) rules to allow the use of locating devices during hunt time. Somewhere along the way, wires are getting crossed in that this policy includes Licensed Nite Hunts. It does not!

07/13/2012: Q & A

Curs in UKC Nite Hunts Q: Because we have several guys in the area hunting Cur dogs we are entertaining the idea of scheduling a hunt for them at our club; however, this subject has brought on some heated debates. Some are saying they would hunt right along with the coonhounds, and others say they can’t hunt at all. Please cover this topic in your advisor. JC/KY

06/04/2012: Puppy Papers Reminder

For some reason, we continue to receive event reports where the dog is not yet permanently registered. Not many, but some. Usually, we find the owners think because they can now enter the dog as Conditional that they can also enter a dog that is not yet permanently registered. That is not the case at all.

05/01/2012: A Lesson On Strike Positions

This month we’ve gone back to the archives and dug up five different topics. While each topic is different, they all have one similarity in common. Consider it a lesson on “strike positions”.

04/02/2012: Watch Your Step

As we venture into a new season we are reminded of a very important participant to be considerate of. The “senior” handler. They rightfully deserve our consideration and respect in that they may have lost a little “pep-in-their-step”, for lack of a better term.

03/01/2012: All Youth Hunts Are Now 90 Minutes!

For the past several years, UKC has allowed organizers the option of holding one- or two-hour nite hunts at their youth events. It worked well for the most part, although it did result in some confusion at times.

02/01/2012: The Use of Tracking/Training Combo Units in Licensed Events

The dog world is truly blessed with the ever increasing and available technologies for the purpose of tracking, training and controlling coonhounds. Who would have thought twenty years ago we would be tracking every move a dog makes today via a mapping system? One of the hot topics currently surrounds the latest available gadgets that have both controlling and tracking capabilities built into the same handheld device.

01/02/2012: The Two-Hour Maniac

This month’s article is a bit off the path of your traditional A, B, C, D situations. Instead it addresses the handler, referred to as the Two-Hour Maniac, who many of us have drawn out with at one time or another, especially for those who have a good number of nite hunts under their belts.

11/18/2011: Point Values

Hot Topic. In light of the most recent World Championship Zone Events where several dogs were scratched for incomplete scorecards, it quickly became a hot topic of discussion.

11/04/2009: Dog Declared Treed That Has Not Been Declared Struck; Dog(s) Declared Treed Possibly Taken Off Tree

Dog Declared Treed That Has Not Been Declared Struck; Dog(s) Declared Treed Possibly Taken Off Tree

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