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07/08/2013: Rules Change Proposals

Every three years, the UKC Rules Change Committee meets to discuss proposals to change the rules in the UKC Official Coonhound Rulebook. The Rules Change Committee will meet this year at Autumn Oaks in Richmond, Indiana over Labor Day weekend.

06/05/2013: Q & A

Q: I was in a hunt the other night where an older gentleman had a back-up handler. At the beginning of the hunt, the gentlemen declared his dog struck and treed, at which time he handed the dog over to his back-up handler.

05/15/2013: Q & A

Q: In a three-dog cast the other night Dogs A, B and C got struck in that order. Pretty soon, Dog B was declared treed, followed by Dog C.

04/15/2013: New Clubs

We thought this month it would be good to touch on New Club information.

02/08/2013: Rules and Policies

With exception to those lucky southerners, many of us will be denned up for another month or two, so this might be a good time to brush up on some rules and policies before the hunts are back in full swing.

01/02/2013: A Refresher Course on Rule 6(q)

After all those years that we struggled with the cumbersome interpretation of how to handle the situations where dogs were treeing and the handlers had no intentions of declaring them treed, Rule 6(q) is a basic and necessary requirement in accurately scoring hounds for their work on a nite hunt cast.

12/03/2012: Q & A

Q: Four dogs on a cast are treed. After scoring the tree, the dogs are led a little distance away and released again. One dog opens and is declared struck in the vicinity of the tree that had previously been scored. The handler says he thinks the dog is on the same tree. The judge says he is not sure if it’s the same tree, so he starts the stationary rule. Five minutes elapse. The handler has not declared the dog treed. The cast finds the dog is in fact on the same tree that had been scored previously. How should the dog be scored? MS/IN

11/08/2012: Tracking/Controlling Combo Systems

After the unveiling of the new Alpha™ tracking and controlling combo unit at Autumn Oaks, they have been the hot topic of discussion. These discussions include whether or not they can even be used during the course of a UKC nite hunt. Although the UKC has always strictly stood by their written rules and avoided waiver of such until or unless changed, we can quickly find ourselves behind the eight-ball when considering some of the newest gadgets that have become available to hunters for their dogs.

10/11/2012: World Championship

With the World Championship Zone Semifinals right around the corner, the following notes may serve to clarify any concerns, questions or misconceptions relative to the event. Bench Show – There will not be a bench show at any zone locations. Those dogs entered in the World Show Championship will go directly to the Finals and confirm their entry on Saturday prior to the posted deadline for the...

09/06/2012: Only One Entry in the Category

Q: In a situation where only one dog is entered in the hunt or category, may the dog still be hunted and receive Championship Points according to UKC’s policies? A: This question still comes up every now and again, believe it or not. Or even the theory suggesting the only dog entered is “an automatic shoe-in for the win. No competition to decide who’s the best on this night.”

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