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05/11/2009: Things We Talk About, by Richard G. (Rick) Beauchamp

As individuals progress along in their careers as dog judges they begin to develop their own personal list of “must take” items. Things that run the gamut from little personal repair and clean-up kits on through to medicinal remedies and for the ladies invariably an extra pair of comfortable shoes.

02/20/2009: The Beagle: Everything Old Is New Again, by Richard G. (Rick) Beauchamp

It seems that everywhere I go recently I get questions about Beagles. It seems strange that suddenly after all this time, America has become so interested in this fellow who has been around for a very long time.

01/23/2009: Breed Character

Many judges consider breed character one of the most important characteristics by which they evaluate the worth of a dog. Yet just as many exhibitors are really not clear on what breed character actually is.

12/31/2008: Faults in Context

Many judges consider one of the more enjoyable and interesting parts of any dog show is the Sunday night “postmortem”.

11/24/2008: The Quest for Knowledge

The term “know-it-all” is usually directed at those who believe they know more about something (or everything!) than everyone else, and have all the information that will ever be necessary to understand the subject at hand. This know-it-all wears thin very quickly and unfortunately is at the end of the road in his pursuit of knowledge rather than moving along the path toward it.

10/17/2008: Understanding What “Type” Actually Is

The debate that concerns itself with whether or not there are one or many correct “types” in any given breed wages on as it has for many years. I find the topic an extremely important one and one that must be clearly understood by anyone who hopes to fully understand what the art and science of dog breeding and dog judging are all about.

09/23/2008: What We Like Vs. What Is Correct

It is extremely important in evaluating dogs that the person doing so is making accurate decisions. Now this may sound like a given in the evaluating experience; one would think that everyone involved in their chosen breed will at least attempt to be accurate to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as it sounds.

08/15/2008: Is it Just the Judging?

If one were to believe ringside conversation, it is poor judging and poor judging alone, that has led to the decline in quality of purebred dogs here in America.

06/26/2008: Breeder, Exhibitor, or Fancier?, by Richard G. (Rick) Beauchamp

I think the term exhibitor is pretty much straightforward. The exhibitor is simply a person who shows dogs. It doesn’t imply much more or less. There are levels of exhibitors of course - beginning, amateur, professional - but what we know is that they show dogs.

03/11/2008: Correct Proportions and What Makes Them

As those who have read what I’ve written in the past know, I consider correct silhouette one of the most defining characteristics of any purebred dog. The silhouette is, of course, made up of the correct parts standing in proper proportion to all others. Learning what the parts are, how they are fashioned, and how they stand in proportion to the overall is critical to anyone who wishes to make progress as a breeder or judge.

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