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08/06/2012: Casting Dogs Where Guide Doesn’t Have Permission

As many of our Beaglers may already know, my job description and focus has, for the most part during the past eight years, surrounded UKC’s Coonhound Programs. One of my duties includes writing an Advisor column each month similar to Full Circle. The only difference is the format. Recently I’ve been asked, along with Todd Kellam, to “sit in” and share some of the programs’ duties.

03/09/2012: Scoring Lines (Hunting Beagle)

I’m not 100% sure why it is so fun to score lines (speed and drive), but for me it has always had a way of getting the adrenaline pumping. I would be willing to wager that this would also hold true for a lot of other competition hunters that are competing today, as well as those in years gone by.

02/09/2012: What’s in a report?

While reports may not seem to be very detailed, in actuality they really are quite comprehensive. A Hunt Report, for instance, contains almost every essential piece of informa- tion that is required to keep accurate and precise records of every Beagle Hunt throughout any given year.

01/09/2012: 2011 Rule Proposals

2011 rule proprosals and policy changes.

12/09/2011: They’re Called Minus Points!

Minus points are as big of a part of field trialing as any other aspect. Granted, they are not the most enjoyable part, but as competitors and rabbit hunters we need to just accept the fact. Nobody likes it when their dog eats a minus, but - let’s face it - it’s going to happen.

11/09/2011: Basic Entry Guidelines

These are some pretty basic guidelines that are easy for every club to follow. If they are followed, it will ensure that participants are getting treated as equals and that the playing field is level for everyone.

07/09/2011: Have You Done Your Part?

Right from the get-go, it starts with you, when you fill out a Performance Pack judge’s application at a club or when you request one with the intention of sending it in to the Field Operations Department. At that point in time, there are already a few very important questions you should have asked yourself before going any further.

05/09/2011: Checks/Recoveries

This month I was torn between a couple of different topics I felt needed to be discussed in this column. It really could have gone either way. One of the topics could not have had better timing, you might say, yet it would have required more time to put together properly than the deadline would allow.

04/09/2011: April Full Circle

Jed Nichols As competition hunters, we are continually trying to obtain dogs that can consistently be competitive from trial to trial, and also account for their game when hunting season rolls around each year. Some hunters focus on one aspect more than the other, and justly so; to each his own. Feed what you like, but let’s not forget that when we pull into a field trial, we are knowingly there...

03/09/2011: March Full Circle

This question was submitted by a MOH and actually happened at a licensed event at which he was acting as the official. Just when we think we have seen it all, something like this comes up and shows us how wrong we are.

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