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Your Dog, Your Rights

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01/09/2011: Salvation of the Vick Dogs

After the recent spotlight Michael Vick has enjoyed due to his rise to stardom once again, coupled with the new book by Jim Gorant entitled The Lost Dogs, I felt compelled to write on the Vick dogs. I know the subject is controversial, and many people feel that Vick shouldn’t even be playing football. Others feel he has served his debt and should be free and clear.

12/09/2010: 2010 National Animal Interest Alliance Conference: Enhancing the Bond

In early October, I headed out to Denver, Colorado for the annual National Animal Interest Alliance conference. NAIA is an association of business, agricultural, scientific, and recreational interests dedicated to promoting animal welfare, supporting responsible animal use and strengthening the bond between humans and animals.

11/09/2010: Wolves in the Great Lakes Region—It’s Time for a Change

On Saturday September 18, 2010, Chris Stoppelman and Kila Butler were running their hounds, CH NITECH ‘PR’ Zimmerman’s Pep-E and NITECH GRCH Clawson Tall Tree Barney in a hunt with the Northwest Minnesota Houndsmen Association, with guide Brandon Oien. The hunt was going great until the third drop. Chris and Kila could hear the hounds open up near a big bog swamp, and the next thing they heard was a fight break out.

10/09/2010: A Closer Look At the Spay/Neuter Issue

Mandatory spay and neuter laws are being pushed, and PASSED, all over the country. Most of them are at the municipal level, but many are in major cities such as New Orleans, Memphis, and Hollister. Some are general and apply to all dogs, and some are breed specific, such as the proposed ordinance in Hollister that applies only to “pit bulls” and Chihuahuas.

10/09/2010: UKC Opposes Missouri’s Proposition B

UKC recognizes that irresponsible breeders and kennels are a valid concern, and UKC strongly believes that irresponsible breeders and dog owners should be dealt with accordingly. Obviously, dog welfare in all aspects of dog ownership, from pet owners to exhibitors to breeders, is a priority and no form of neglect or abuse should be tolerated in any aspect of dog ownership.

09/09/2010: American Veterinary Medical Association--Are they turning their backs on dog breeders?

Recently the American Veterinary Medical Association announced a model bill aimed at regulating dog breeders. As these bills have been being pushed in many states across the nation in the past year or two, AVMA has decided to jump on board. The result is a bill that not only over-regulates responsible hobby breeders but also contains many sections that are just downright insulting.

08/09/2010: Legislative Update

This month’s column will provide an update on some very active spring/early summer sessions in state legislatures, city councils, and even at the federal level. The central theme to all of this legislation is regulation and restriction on breeder’s rights. So-called ‘puppy mill’ bills are being pushed by animal rights groups all across the country. While none of us as responsible dog owners condone any sort of neglect or abuse, the problem with many of these laws is that they will end up negatively impacting responsible breeders.

07/09/2010: Summary of US v. Stevens

How many of you out there have heard about a recent decision made by the Supreme Court of the United States and just been left scratching your heads, confused over how the Justices could reach the decision they did?

05/09/2010: Differentiating Between Your Local Shelter or Rescue and HSUS

Last month’s column was a response to the Humane Society of the United States campaign against hunting with hounds. Included were quotes I received from UKC hound owners by my column deadline. I have received many more since then, and am happy to see all the responses. From these responses I’m gathering that most of you understand what HSUS is—an animal rights organization with no real connection to shelters—and for me to continue to harp against them every month is just preaching to the choir.

04/09/2010: Response to the HSUS Attack on Hunting with Hounds

Some of you may have noticed that I had no column last month. There are several reasons behind it, but mainly I have been trying to gather research and also stories and comments from all of you, the true experts on hound hunting, in order to refute the gross misstatements and baseless allegations made by HSUS in their campaign against hound hunting.

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