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09/22/2011: Travel and You’ll Go Far

“Travel and you’ll go far.” I noticed it on the car’s bumper sticker ahead of me the other day and had to chuckle to myself - redundant on the one hand, but on the other there is little more valuable to one’s personal growth than that which is learned through travel.

08/18/2011: Cornerstone of the Sport

I stand in awe of people who have the guts and determination to try, try, try and try again while the whole world looks on. I’ve never quite had the required it to do so myself, so I have a great deal of respect and admiration for those who have.

08/15/2011: Everything Old is New Again

You would be amazed at the number of times I’ve been approached at a dog show by someone who might say something like, “Why don’t you do a column about shoulder layback,” or someone else might request I do something on what balance means in evaluating a dog.

04/13/2011: Why Did the Judge Do That?, Richard G. (Rick) Beauchamp

Among the dog world’s many publications that find their way to my door each month, there are several published in foreign countries that I find particularly good and I try to read them every month. One of them posed an interesting question to its readership a few months ago, “What in your mind would improve dog shows most?”

01/07/2011: Patience My Children, Patience!

When I compare our approaches to breeding back when I began in dogs to the scientific methods espoused now by the many authoritative books of the day I wonder how in the world we ever got anything good enough to show much less to win with!

01/27/2010: “New” Breeds

“New” breeds - or as folks here in the U.S. are apt to call any breed we don't normally see competing at our Group level - rare. There could be thousands being shown everywhere else in the world, but typically American - if it's not as we know it, it's not the real thing.

12/16/2009: The Exhibitor's Responsiblity, by Rick Beauchamp

One of the many great perks of judging is being able to pass upon the quality dogs of many countries. But an added bonus is occasionally having the time and opportunity to visit with those who have bred the respective country's outstanding dogs. Such was the case only recently when I had judged the Norwegian Kennel Club's first all breed show of the summer season.

12/16/2009: The All Important (and Neglected) Upper Arm

There is no doubt that the fanciers of each and every breed find theirs to be "like no other", and in some respects this is absolutely true, and it is exactly why we have so many different breeds. Each has its own distinctive charm or as the French would say raison d'ętre - reason for being.

09/23/2009: The Exhibitor's Responsiblity, by Rick Beauchamp

Evidently my article in the May issue of BLOODLINES touched a nerve on the parts of readers across the country - especially the section of that article entitled “Odd Man Out”.

08/19/2009: Tips for the Aspiring Judge, by Richard (Rick) Beauchamp

If you are going to judge dogs, a full understanding of the breed standard is a bottom line essential. The judge must not only know what the standard actually says but understand its implications as well.

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