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07/08/2013: Q & A

The responsibility of heading up UKC’s Beagle Programs comes with the need and continued desire to further educate and brush up on running rules. I find that it helps tremendously when you know and understand the intent of any written rule. Finding the “intent”, however, is sometimes easier said than done.

06/05/2013: Getting the Drop on the Draw

For years it went largely unnoticed, or was universally accepted, that club officials and Masters of Hounds were within their rights to see that questionable characters in any particular area got a “strong” Judge by seeing that the shady character was “put” on a particular Judge’s card, or vice versa. Because it was being done with the honest intention of seeing that the hunt was actually more honest and enjoyable, everyone kind of turned their head to the situation. It was wrong, but it was accepted.

05/15/2013: Important Rule Change Proposals Information

The time has come again for the discussion of any rule proposals or changes for the UKC Hunting Beagle format. Any approved changes will take effect on January 1, 2014. This is where you, the hunter, can become involved if you’d like.

04/15/2013: Falling Short of Trailing to the Hole

Q: In a Hunting Beagle cast, a rabbit is jumped right in front of the cast, and a sight chase ensues. The rabbit runs right by the cast members and pops down a hole.

03/18/2013: Starting a UKC Approved Club

Q: What are the parameters for our club to become approved for UKC Field Trials? I am a member of an established club in my area where we host Beagle events licensed through another registry. Would UKC approve our club to also host UKC Licensed events?

02/08/2013: Q & A

Q: I know the rule on the use of training collars during a hunt. My question is, would this prevent the use of a Bark Eliminator collar on a dog that has scratched from the hunt and the handler chooses to stay with the cast?

12/03/2012: Performance Pack

This month’s article is solely geared towards the UKC Performance Pack format. It features the results of the Performance Pack Rules Committee. Any proposal(s) that was passed becomes effective January 1, 2013. Also, noted are changes to the Performance Pack State and National Run-Offs.

11/09/2012: Tracking/Controlling Combo Systems

After the recent unveiling of the new Alpha™ tracking and controlling combo unit, they quickly became one of the hot topics of discussion. The main concern whether or not they can even be used during the course of a UKC licensed hunt. Although the UKC has always strictly stood by their written rules, and avoided waiver of such until or unless changed, we can quickly find ourselves behind the eight-ball.

10/11/2012: Measuring Dogs

Reminder: It is important that club officials follow the proper procedures of measuring dogs at their licensed events. The rules found under “Measuring Hounds” clearly state that all hounds (other than those permanently measured) must be measured prior to entry of hunt or show.

09/06/2012: Deadlines Clarified

Q: Using 6 a.m. as the deadline to enter the event, is it considered as “in time” so long as you are entered prior to 6:01? A: For whatever reason, it seems like we hear more debate over time issues in terms of deadlines to enter or returning scorecards compared to yester years. In those days everyone accepted the old clock on the wall as what we went by without argument. Today, the Master of Hounds might easily be involved in a deadline issue argument with a participant who’s cell phone time doesn’t match up to the split second of the clock on the wall at the club.

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