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03/14/2014: Rules Review

Finally ... spring is here in many parts of the country and just around the corner for the rest. After all the arctic weather blasts, it makes this time of year even better. Trialing season is in full swing and everyone is in a great mood, and there won’t be any scoring debates to be had. Okay, maybe the latter won’t always be true. As long as there are competitions, there will be scoring...

02/10/2014: Rules and Judging Seminars - a New Year’s Resolution for Clubs

If your club is like most, after a while the same old, same old club meetings month after month, although important as they are, tend to get a little boring.

01/13/2014: Rule Change Clarifications

RULE 3 (b) POINTS WILL BE PLUS {On strike for all dogs, provided dog was struck in on majority of the track, after any one dog is awarded speed and drive points.} This new rule now awards plus strike points to all dogs after any one dog has scored a line.

12/18/2013: Rule Change Clarifications

With the recent rule changes for the Hunting Beagle format, combined with what seems like numerous other changes, there won’t be enough space to include everything in one article.

11/05/2013: UKC 2013 Hunting Beagle Rules Proposal Official Results

The Hunting Beagle Rules Committee met at Centreville, Michigan on Thursday, September 26, 2013. Those present consisted of five UKC Field Representatives, two representatives of the National Hunting Beagle Association and two members of an Advisory Committee. It took a majority vote of those present to pass a proposal. Several rules did pass with an amendment, as noted. There were several proposals not included, but similar to one already on the ballot, that were considered.

10/11/2013: Rule Change Proposals

The following proposals will be discussed and voted on by the 2013 Rules Committee, made up of UKC Field Representatives, two representatives from the National Hunting Beagle Association, and two individuals representing an Advisory Committee. There are several other proposals not on the ballot, but that pertained to a proposal already on the ballot. Those will be considered as an amendment where applicable.

09/09/2013: Know Your Dog's Voice/Call Your Own Dog

Q: On the first turnout of the hunt, and after the first three minutes expired, a dog opens and is immediately declared struck by Handler A. Handler B tells the judge that the dog opening is his dog. Shortly thereafter, a second dog opens. Now Handler B acknowledges that he struck the wrong dog and that the second dog opening was, in fact, his. The judge then awarded first strike to Handler B’s dog and second strike for Handler A’s dog. Shouldn’t Handler A have at least received a warning for striking the wrong dog?

08/05/2013: Judges for One Dog in Category

Recently, the topic of whether or not the handler of a one-dog cast could be assigned to judge their own hound came up on the UKC message forums.

07/08/2013: Q & A

The responsibility of heading up UKC’s Beagle Programs comes with the need and continued desire to further educate and brush up on running rules. I find that it helps tremendously when you know and understand the intent of any written rule. Finding the “intent”, however, is sometimes easier said than done.

06/05/2013: Getting the Drop on the Draw

For years it went largely unnoticed, or was universally accepted, that club officials and Masters of Hounds were within their rights to see that questionable characters in any particular area got a “strong” Judge by seeing that the shady character was “put” on a particular Judge’s card, or vice versa. Because it was being done with the honest intention of seeing that the hunt was actually more honest and enjoyable, everyone kind of turned their head to the situation. It was wrong, but it was accepted.

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