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03/01/2012: All Youth Hunts Are Now 90 Minutes!

For the past several years, UKC has allowed organizers the option of holding one- or two-hour nite hunts at their youth events. It worked well for the most part, although it did result in some confusion at times.

02/01/2012: The Use of Tracking/Training Combo Units in Licensed Events

The dog world is truly blessed with the ever increasing and available technologies for the purpose of tracking, training and controlling coonhounds. Who would have thought twenty years ago we would be tracking every move a dog makes today via a mapping system? One of the hot topics currently surrounds the latest available gadgets that have both controlling and tracking capabilities built into the same handheld device.

01/02/2012: The Two-Hour Maniac

This month’s article is a bit off the path of your traditional A, B, C, D situations. Instead it addresses the handler, referred to as the Two-Hour Maniac, who many of us have drawn out with at one time or another, especially for those who have a good number of nite hunts under their belts.

11/18/2011: Point Values

Hot Topic. In light of the most recent World Championship Zone Events where several dogs were scratched for incomplete scorecards, it quickly became a hot topic of discussion.

11/04/2009: Dog Declared Treed That Has Not Been Declared Struck; Dog(s) Declared Treed Possibly Taken Off Tree

Dog Declared Treed That Has Not Been Declared Struck; Dog(s) Declared Treed Possibly Taken Off Tree

06/04/2008: Something Stinks, Strike Position Question, Who Has Authority to Assign Non-Hunting Judge and Calling Time Out not Always an Option

GPS Tracking Systems in UKC Licensed Nite Hunts While we welcome today’s higher technology it brings with it some concerns. For instance the new Garmin Astro’s have many different useful options when it comes to using them for training purposes or tracking hounds as well as GPS telemetry for human navigation all built in one unit. The most common question raised is; are they allowed to be used for navigational purposes such as finding your vehicle or otherwise during the course of a nite hunt?

03/06/2008: Complaints: Master of Hounds, Licensed Event Participants and Event Participants Reminders

As much as we hate to see it the UKC Field Operations Department does receive complaints on officials from time to time. And if a licensed official cannot do their job sufficiently then we do want to know about it. The UKC does keep a file on hand of each and every licensed official - good or bad. This month we would like to take a little time and address a few issues. Addressing them will hopefully allow our officials to better themselves if they find themselves in these situations.

03/31/2007: Declared Treed But Not Declared Struck, Babbling and Bells

Scratch or Minus -- Q: In a four dog cast, dogs A, B and C are declared struck. Dog D falls treed and is declared treed without being declared struck by the handler. Is the dog scratched for not being declared struck first?

12/13/2006: Strike Positions Available, Catching Coon on Ground, Didn't See The Situation But Are Asked To Vote

Strike Positions Available Q: Recently I was the judge in a cast where a situation arose that in the 27 years of competing in nite hunts I never had this happen before. On the first turnout we split the strike points between all four dogs in the cast. Dogs A, B and C were declared treed. We scored the tree and cut them back to dog D who was still trailing. The question is what strike position(s) are open? I scored all three dogs at 25 strike points was that correct? JD/WI

10/24/2006: Casting Dogs Where Guide Doesn't Have Permission, Showing Dogs In The Proper Order, Dogs Barking In The Box

Casting Dogs Where Guide Doesn’t Have Permission Q: Recently, I drew out in cast, where unbeknownst to us cast members at the time, we turned our dogs loose in a woods where our guide did not have permission to hunt. The dogs were all struck when suddenly a four-wheeler could be heard speeding across the field towards us. Obviously upset, this guy started yelling at us that we do not have permission to be there.

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