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11/04/2014: Q & A

Scoring Dead or Caught Game Q: What is the proper procedure for scoring each of the following situations? 1. Dogs baying a coon in a live trap? 2. Dogs treed, bayed on a dead coon. 3. Dogs carrying a dead coon (a coon they did not catch) in to cast.

09/29/2014: Q & A

This month’s column features several different scenarios dealing with temperament issues in nite hunts. Hopefully, it will serve to better understand how to deal with certain unique situations ...

08/12/2014: Q & A

If only one dog remains in the hunt, that dog must hold its tree for five minutes before the dog may be handled. What about at the end of the hunt?

07/09/2014: Calling Time Out is a Majority of the Cast Decision!

Q: The other night we had a situation where three dogs were running a track. The judge’s dog had not opened. The judge kept looking at his handheld (telemetry) and as soon as one of the dog’s located on a tree he immediately says, “My dog is getting close to a road and I’m calling time out!” The guide asked the judge where his dog was at. The guide told him there is no road there in the...

06/04/2014: Refresher Course Topics

This month’s column features a couple refresher course topics. Part of the reasoning for them is to also hopefully allow for a better understanding of the answers to one or more of other included topics. Not Accepting a Call - Refresher Course Q: Do judges have the authority to not accept a strike or tree call by a handler? A: Yes they do have the authority to not accept a call. Whenever a...

05/08/2014: The Eight Minute Clock and Telemetry

Q: In a four-dog cast, three dogs got treed approximately 900 yards ahead of the cast, while Dog D continued trailing a separate track off to their right. After scoring the tree, we could not hear Dog D so the cast walked back to the spot where we last heard Dog D. At that spot is where the judge started the eight-minute clock on the dog. After listening for a little bit and still not hearing the...

04/09/2014: Slam Payout with No Cast Winners

Q: The club had a UKC Slam Event where no casts came in with plus points. How is the prize money distributed?

03/06/2014: Q & A

Cast A: All dogs are declared treed. The cast starts shining and right away they see eyes in the tree. All cast members agreed, “Yes, we see it.”

02/10/2014: New Telemetry Rules

Q: When will the new telemetry rules go into effect? A: The new telemetry rules will go into effect on January 1, 2014 for all UKC Licensed Nite Hunts.

01/13/2014: New Tracking Telemetry Rules

It’s no secret there’s been a lot of discussion in the past year on the use of tracking telemetry during a hunt. Ideas of a less restrictive policy have been ongoing far longer.

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