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07/13/2012: Getting to the Bottom of it All

No dog - no matter how great, no matter how many Bests In Show it might have won - has it all. There has never been a perfect dog, and I sincerely doubt that there ever will be. Breed standards do ask for it all, how- ever, and rightly so. It’s a case of the old adage that goes something like, “If you’re going to bother shooting, shoot for the moon!” You may not hit the target every time you shoot, but you sure as shootin’ aren’t going to hit the moon ever, if you don’t at least try.

06/04/2012: How Important Is Showmanship?

There are some dogs that live for the weekend when they join their owners to become the center of attention at the local dog show. Others, it appears, love the time with their owners but find something severely intimidating about walking through those ring ropes. The at-home extrovert suddenly becomes a shrinking violet.

05/01/2012: Look to the Past for Success in the Future

There probably haven’t been many who have carried the banner for the appreciation of breed type any more militantly than I, nor have I been reluctant to remind the judging cadre of their great responsibility in this respect. However, through all this I have never believed for a moment that breed improvement, or for that matter, breed maintenance was entirely the judges’ responsibility.

04/02/2012: Year-End Shows - From Inside the Ring

As each year heads towards its finale, those who are avid exhibitors can’t help but think about those Top Ten aspirations. The last few months of the year are the last shot at securing a place among the Top Ten or perhaps even winding up the year at the very top of the breed.

03/01/2012: Movement, an Integral Part of Breed Type

We have many breeds that were designed with a specific purpose in mind - to work. And the manner in which they worked pretty well determined just about everything about them: they way they looked, they way they behaved, and above all the way they moved.

02/01/2012: Of Values and Ethics by Richard (Rick) Beauchamp

“Crooked” dog judging? We’ve all heard it said one time or another, but in my humble opinion seldom, if ever, do we find decisions made by judges that are made out of dishonesty.

01/04/2012: Setting Type by Richard (Rick) Beauchamp

It is not at all unusual to hear today’s judges complain that they are unable to be consistent in their placements, saying that all too often one is lucky to find more than one or two dogs in an entire entry of even vaguely similar style. Many attribute this problem that exists not only in our show rings, but also in our whelping boxes to the loss of the highly influential, large breeding kennels of the past.

12/21/2011: Silhouette by Richard (Rick) Beauchamp

Students who have asked me to mentor them in a breed I have been involved with often begin the request by saying, “I just can’t get a handle on this breed. They come in so many different sizes and shapes I just don’t know which way to turn.”

11/21/2011: Promoting “Rare” Breeds

In more cases than you might imagine, people involved with our new or sometimes called “rare” breeds are just as new to the world of purebred dogs. The breeds in which they become interested are, in many cases, the first time they’ve even owned a dog of any kind

10/14/2011: Let Freedom Ring!

This is not an article about flag waving, the Liberty Bell, or Democracy. No, we’ll still be on the subject of dogs, but this is about freedom - the kind that I would like to see a bit more of in the rings at today’s dog shows.

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