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02/08/2013: Perception

This month I’m going to cover what seems like a “hot topic”. I have received a couple of emails and several calls along these same lines. I think the principles outlined here will be useful in the Hunt Tests, but also in UKC Licensed Nite Hunts and Bench Shows.

01/03/2013: Q & A

For my inaugural HTX article, I thought I’d touch on a few rules questions we’ve received in the last month or so. Hopefully these clarifications will help you and your club to have a successful, fun Hunt Test.

12/03/2012: HTX Titles

The following dogs have earned multiple HTX titles through November 2, 2012

11/09/2012: What Your Fellow Hunters Have To Say About The UKC Hunt Tests

“I think the HTX Hunt Test is a wonderful thing. A dog really needs to be on its game, and pass all on its lonesome. There is no pressure or trying to be smarter than people on a cast. It’s just you and your dog, and is like being on a pleasure hunt.”

10/11/2012: Focusing on the Pleasure of Hunting Tree Dogs by Recognizing Confidence & Ability

Swapping Drops On Your Hunt Test I thought I would take this opportunity to pass along a good suggestion I learned while talking to UKC Field Rep David Gardin about the HTX events while attending Autumn Oaks. David said it has become popular at his club’s hunt test to alternate drops between the two or three dogs that are out with the same group being inspected. I think it’s a great idea.

09/06/2012: Open On Track

A dog must open on track in order to pass a hunt test. That requirement is the second one listed in the standard requirements list on the Hunt Test Evaluation Form. Rule 4 in the Hunt Test Evaluation Rules further states that a dog must open on track at least once every eight minutes.

08/06/2012: Items to Address

Just a couple of minor things to touch on this month. This first one was the result of a phone call that really took me by surprise.

07/17/2012: Hunt Test-Imonials

I decided to take in one of the HTX hunts and see how I liked it. We had three races and made three trees. My dog stayed treed, but we couldn’t see eyes in the first two leafy trees, and the last “hot” race ended in a den tree. So, no pass. But it was a relaxed atmosphere and very enjoyable. I had Justin Friend as an inspector. He observed my hound and we talked about hunting along the way.

06/15/2012: Changes To The Rules and Policies Of UKC Licensed Hunt Tests

A couple of questions in the last month prompted us to sit down and have some discussions regarding the Hunt Test program. To be honest, these were things we really hadn’t given much thought to in the past. Perhaps it’s the mindset many of us have after participating in the Nite Hunts for so many years. Many of these policies have worked so well over the years, and we have become so accustomed to them, that you just don’t think about it.

05/15/2012: Are You Taking Your Kids To The Hunt Tests?

There seems to be a lot of interest in the Youth Events these days, and rightly so. It’s much easier to introduce young hunters to the Nite Hunts when they are able to participate against others that are their own age and experience level. That being the case, what a about a situation that has even fewer restrictions than a UKC licensed Nite Hunt, where young hunters can participate without any pressure and still earn a performance title on the family’s favorite coonhound?

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