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03/14/2014: Hunt Test Updates

Paul Frederick “In early February an interesting question came to our department. One HTX participant wrote: “I was wondering if the UKC has contemplated strongly urging clubs to host Hunt Tests. I have begged my local club, but the officers seem resistant. They have finally agreed but have stated that I will be the person in charge of all Hunt Tests if I want them so bad. What else can be...

01/13/2014: Focusing on the pleasure of hunting tree dogs by recognizing confidence and ability

Over much of the country, the winter chill has set in. For us in the north-land, we keep thinking about all the times we complained about the heat of the summer and wished it would be cooler. I think we all regret those wishes now!

12/18/2013: Hunt Test-Imonial

I think the HTX program is the best thing going for young dogs to prove themselves (not the handler). I had great judges all three times Rebel was hunted and feel that competition dogs should earn the HTX title at some point.

11/05/2013: Hunt Test Updates

For most of you reading this, coon season is in or will be shortly. Nothing like now to get your young prospect in the woods for some one-on-one TLC. Also, what better time of year is there to be in the woods than late fall and early winter? The temperatures are cooling, the leaves are falling, and every one of God’s creatures (including coons, coon dogs and coon hunters) want to be out to feel the cool night air.

10/11/2013: Hunt Test Updates

Although the heat of summer was officially upon us, several clubs gave Hunt Tests a try in August. We’ve heard from clubs in Missouri, Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who have held their first Hunt Tests recently, and they are enjoying them. There are, very likely, other clubs that are also holding their first that haven’t contacted us through email or phone calls.

09/09/2013: Q & A

Q: How old does a handler have to be in a Hunt Test?

08/05/2013: We Want your Input

Over the last months, we’ve heard of several new clubs that are holding Hunt Tests, and several new participants who are trying hunt tests for themselves. Many hunters have discovered the relaxed pace of the Hunt Tests are right up their alley.

07/08/2013: Tips for Successful Hunt Tests

In the last few months, more clubs have been hosting Hunt Tests with great success. Many clubs that have been hosting Hunt Tests have also seen their entries improve greatly as the weather warms ups across the country.

06/05/2013: Hunt Test-Imonial

Coon dogs are coon dogs. Mommy coon dogs and Daddy coon dogs produce baby coon dogs. That’s how it works. It’s that simple. But is it really?

05/15/2013: Hunt Test-Imonial

Hi, Paul. My name is Bob Kwandrans, Sr. I hunted in your HTX hunts last summer and fall and enjoyed hunting my dogs with different judges who were nice enough to share their time.

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