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06/15/2012: Changes To The Rules and Policies Of UKC Licensed Hunt Tests

A couple of questions in the last month prompted us to sit down and have some discussions regarding the Hunt Test program. To be honest, these were things we really hadn’t given much thought to in the past. Perhaps it’s the mindset many of us have after participating in the Nite Hunts for so many years. Many of these policies have worked so well over the years, and we have become so accustomed to them, that you just don’t think about it.

05/15/2012: Are You Taking Your Kids To The Hunt Tests?

There seems to be a lot of interest in the Youth Events these days, and rightly so. It’s much easier to introduce young hunters to the Nite Hunts when they are able to participate against others that are their own age and experience level. That being the case, what a about a situation that has even fewer restrictions than a UKC licensed Nite Hunt, where young hunters can participate without any pressure and still earn a performance title on the family’s favorite coonhound?

04/15/2012: New HTX Titles

The following dogs have earned HTX titles since October 1, 2011

02/15/2012: Three Simple Formats For Inspecting Dogs

For those clubs that are holding HTX events, or even considering them, you are going to want to file this in the old memory bank or clip it out and hang it up at your clubhouse. Let’s take this opportunity to explain in detail how to arrange inspectors for your next hunt test. It’s really easy if you remember these basic options. And I hope that you will find that having a significant number of inspectors committed to a certain night should not be something to worry about in determining whether or not your club should try a hunt test.

01/15/2012: Hunt Test Program Changes For 2012

As we have mentioned in this column many times, the UKC hunt tests were never meant to compete with nite hunts. They were, from the very beginning, designed to appeal to a different category of hound enthusiasts. Sure, there are those who enjoy both formats, but from the beginning, the hunt test was UKC’s effort to give a wider range of houndsmen a wider variety of activities to enjoy with their hounds.

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