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05/15/2013: Helping Others To See The Picture

Eavesdropping is not the most polite thing in the world to do, but there are times when, short of stuffing your ears with cotton, overhearing conversations is all but impossible.

04/10/2013: How Far Does “My Interpretation” Go?

Correct type is the ideal - perfection, if you will. We all know that perfection in purebred dogs is probably not going to be achieved in our lifetimes, if ever. We find that even our best dogs will fall either slightly to the left or a bit to the right of it. In this respect, some flexibility in interpreting the standard is allowed.

03/18/2013: What is a Stud Dog?

My longtime experience with purebred dogs, and the great good fortune of having had knowledgeable mentors, has given me the ability and opportunity to pass along the result of both in the form of educational articles and books. At times I have been totally amazed at just how far the printed word can reach.

02/13/2013: Using All Your Knowledge

In trying to catch up with my stacks of “must read” articles, I recently came across one written by Harry Bennett, a long-time breeder-exhibitor and all around dog man from Florida. He made several worthwhile points, but one in particular really got me thinking.

01/03/2013: How the Judge Sees You Showing Your Dog, Part V – A Moving Picture

It seems just about everyone watches at least one of the TV dance shows nowadays - ”Dancing With the Stars,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” or “All the Right Moves.” I watch in awe as to what the professionals are capable of doing with their bodies and what they are able to teach the beginner.

12/03/2012: How the Judge Sees You Showing Your Dog, Part IV – Who Sees What?

It usually doesn’t take more than a minute or two to realize who in your ring is a veteran at showing dogs and who the beginner is, but often we who judge are dumbfounded to realize someone you were sure was just a beginner has been showing dogs for years!

11/09/2012: That Thing You Do!

You went to the top (or as close as you could get), and the dog you got has the bluest blood known to the free world. You’re now the proud owner of that wonder pup you dreamed about owning. All the work is done and the two of you are ready to burn up the rings - right?

10/11/2012: How the Judge Sees You Showing Your Dog, Part II - Formula For Success

There is no point in my recommending which breed might be wise for you to start your adventures into the world of show dogs with. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and once you’ve become involved with purebred dogs you may be amazed at how your tastes may change.

09/06/2012: How the Judge Sees You Showing Your Dog, Part I

There have been hundreds of books, articles and videos directed at learning to show dogs well, but as far as my research has revealed none of these instructive and informative tools have been presented from the perspective of the judge. The judge? Well, surprise - ask yourself, who is it that exhibitors are tirelessly learning to hone their handling skills for? You got it, the judge.

08/07/2012: General Rules - Specific Breeds

Those who have read my columns over the years are aware that I consider the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) and American Staffordshire Terriers (AmStaffs) two (or in so many cases one) of the strongest breeds being shown pretty much around the world. Whenever possible I make it point to watch American Pit Bull Terrier judging. It seems there are always some good ones competing, and invariably there are puppies waiting in the wings to challenge the adults. The breeds’ temperament, type and adherence to origin and purpose stand second to none.

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