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05/09/2011: 2011 World Hunt Recap

Another World Championship has come and gone and all in all it was a very enjoyable and successful weekend. First I would like to congratulate Chuck and Mark Gaietto on their new World Champion, Garner’s Jukebox Babe, a three-year-old Mountain Cur female.

04/09/2011: Out On A Limb – April

The UKC Hunt Tests for Squirrel Dogs are up and running! Now remember, this is a web-based program and all details can be found at www.ukcdogs.com. For those of you who are not on-line, we want you to feel free to contact UKC to schedule a Hunt Test, to find the Hunt Tests nearest you, or to request forms necessary to conduct a Hunt Test.

03/09/2011: He Who Traineth Well, Scoreth High

What does it take to make a World Champion? Nothing sums it up better than a short story written many years ago by a Champion bird dog trainer named Joe Glascock. This piece made such a profound impression on me that I have saved it and refer to it often. With the UKC World Championship right around the corner it seems fitting to include it here.

02/09/2011: Out On A Limb – February

The UKC World Squirrel Dog Championship is right around the corner, and I thought we might go over some of the details and changes for this year so we don’t catch anybody by surprise. Please refer to the ad on page 237; additionally the UKC office will be sending out reminders to all those qualified in hopes that no one who intends to send in an entry forgets!

01/09/2011: Out On A Limb – January

With the hunt tests for squirrel dogs getting underway, I thought it would be helpful to look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding the program.

12/09/2010: Out On A Limb – November

By the time this issue reaches your mailbox, clubs will be able to schedule a UKC Licensed Hunt Test to be run on squirrel. We have talked about the concept in this column in the past and what a great opportunity it is for a wide variety of people with differing situations. Rather than discuss “why” you should try a Hunt Test near you, this month I thought we would focus on the “how” for those clubs and individuals who already know “why”!

11/09/2010: Out On A Limb – November

By November 1, we should be scheduling UKC licensed hunt tests to be run on squirrel. We finally got all the details worked out and there were some challenges along the way. The biggest challenge had to do with the fact that the Cur and Feist dogs were most likely the only hunting dog segment at UKC that would earn HTX certificates on two different types of game.

10/09/2010: Out On A Limb – October

This month I have one of those “good news and bad news” propositions for you. The good news is that the Hunt Test Evaluation Rules and the Evaluation Form have been completed for hunt tests on squirrel. The changes that were made to the existing rules used for hunt tests on coon were minimal and even include some changes that I would expect to see brought into the coon hunt test rules in the near future.

09/09/2010: World Qualifying Events

I’d like to spend a little time this month discussing UKC Qualifying Events. We’ll refer to them as WQE’s, which stands for World Qualifying Event, from here on out. These events should be at the top of everyone’s “must attend” list for two reasons. First, the UKC World Squirrel Dog Championship is really turning into a first class event in many respects.

07/09/2010: Out On A Limb – July

As you can see from the signature line above we do have some news this month. I will be taking over the duties of writing the Out On A Limb column for a while. UKC Cur/Feist Field Representative Eugene Hill has received his second major promotion within his company and his time is in short supply.

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