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09/21/2015: Q & A

Dealing with Scorecard Question and a Lack of Time Q: I have been hunting for a few years in UKC events and, for the most part, have really enjoyed myself. Scoring nite hunts is not an exact science and hunters are regularly called upon to make judgement calls. Most of the time things go smoothly, but on rare occasions a decision may be disputed. The coonhound rulebook is fairly clear as to...

08/11/2015: Q & A

Entry Fee Check Bounced Q: Occasionally our club will have a participant pay their entry fee with a personal check. We have no problem doing so other than recently we had one such check bounce. After several months and several attempts to resolve the matter the participant will no longer accept our calls or respond to the voicemails we have left them. Unfortunately, they had entered multiple dogs...

07/13/2015: Q & A

Entering a Dog on Puppy Papers as Conditional Q: Is it acceptable to enter a dog not yet permanently registered (puppy papers only) as a Conditional Entry? A: UKC has never allowed dogs that are not permanently registered (have puppy papers only) to be eligible for a licensed event. A dog must be permanently registered before it may be entered in any UKC Licensed Event. This remains true even...

06/09/2015: Q & A

Q: Towards the end of our hunt, all dogs are declared struck. In the last two minutes of the hunt, Dog A is declared treed. No other dog covers him. After the hunt time is up, we go to the tree and handle the dog. At this time all other dogs are still out running a different track. The question is, can we squall on this tree right away or do we have to wait until after the first seven minutes of...

05/05/2015: Q & A

Non-Controlling Collars (T5) for Garmin Alpha 100 Approved for Use This topic was originally published in the August 2014 column. There seems to still be questions regarding the use of a Garmin Alpha during the course of a hunt. Here’s another refresher course on this subject. Q: Garmin just came out with a new collar they call the T5 that does not have any controlling features (stimulate or...

04/06/2015: Q & A

Off Game and a Coon in Same Tree Q: How do you score a tree where both off game and a coon are seen in the same tree? A: You should give the dogs the benefit of the doubt and plus the points. Off Game and Den Tree Q: How do you score a tree that is an obvious den tree but you see off game in the tree? A: In that case you don’t see the coon; therefore, you have to score it as seeing off game...

03/09/2015: Withdrawing to Avoid a Scratch

Seldom does the topic of withdrawing a dog to avoid being scratched for fighting surface; however, it just recently came up again so it’s a good one to cover. Without digging through the archives, I’ll suggest it’s one that has not been addressed in this column for a long time, at best. Prior to publishing the most current rulebook, UKC went through the rulebook and made some changes in terms...

03/02/2015: Q & A

UKC Master of Hounds Apprenticeship Policy Change The Hunt Director format was implemented several years ago where clubs could choose that option opposed to using a Master of Hounds for their UKC Licensed Nite Hunts. The few differences between a Hunt Director and a Master of Hounds are such that the individual serving as Hunt Director: · Is not required to be a licensed Master of Hounds. · May...

02/16/2015: Q & A

Declared Treed on Previously Scored Tree and Left Q: Dogs A, B, C, and D were all struck and declared treed. When the cast arrived, Dog B was the only dog at the tree, and the other three dogs had left it. It was then determined that this was the same tree we had scored earlier. The Judge drew a line through all four dogs’ scores and called time out to handle the other three dogs. I said that...

01/19/2015: I’m Not Hearing It!

I’m thinking some of our Master of Hounds, and most of our competitors, would benefit from a quick discussion on the following topic. That being Masters of Hounds who refuse to listen to questions brought back into them.

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