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11/03/2015: ALERT: Attention Michigan Dog Owners and Breeders!

HB 4898 has possible negative implications for dog owners.

10/05/2015: URGENT—help end BSL in Michigan!

The home state of UKC is on the verge of something very big: please help Michigan join the ranks of 19 other states and prohibit BSL statewide! Senate Bill 239 would prohibit any county, city, or town from enacting new or enforcing current laws that are “based solely on the breed, perceived breed, or type of dog.” Breed specific legislation has been proven in multiple locales and through...

12/15/2014: 2014 Election Impacts for Hunters and Dog Owners

Sara Chisnell, UKC Legal Counsel doglaw@ukcdogs.com The 2014 election is over, a big one for hunters, and some interesting results have come out of Michigan and Maine with regards to hunting and conservation. In Michigan, wolves were ostensibly on the ballot but what was really happening was an attack on wildlife management. Maine had a battle over bears. Michigan The issue in Michigan was...

12/10/2014: Attention Michigan Dog Owners and Breeders!á

HB 5095, the poorly written bill that adds “large scale breeders” to the current pet shop and shelter law, has passed the House and is now in the Senate Agriculture Committee. The bill defines “large scale breeders” as those with more than 15 intact females over 4 months old used for the primary purpose of breeding, but provides no exception for breeders/kennels with performance, hunting...

11/04/2014: The New USDA Regulations Simplified

In August, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) published their final rule in the Federal Register, announcing changes to regulations regarding importation of dogs under the Animal Welfare Act.

09/29/2014: An Evolving Dialogue for “Pit Bulls”: A Change for the Better

Sara Chisnell, UKC Legal Counsel doglaw@ukcdogs.com It seems after decades of so much nonsensical breed discriminatory legislation (BDL), the tide is starting to turn for a vast group of dogs lumped into the generic and loosely used term “pit bulls”. Most notably, 19 states now prohibit the use of breed discriminatory legislation by municipalities, Utah and South Dakota most recently this...

08/08/2014: The Dog Breeder Dilemma

Sara Chisnell, UKC Legal Counsel doglaw@ukcdogs.com I’m sure most of you have seen, or at least heard about, the HBO Real Sports piece called “Unnatural Selection” that featured UKC President Wayne Cavanaugh and highlighted some serious health issues that have resulted from breeding dogs for extremes in conformation. Regardless of how you feel about the show, it demonstrated that problems with...

05/08/2014: To Clone or Not to Clone: Should It Be A Question?

Sara Chisnell, UKC Legal Counsel doglaw@ukcdogs.com The idea of cloning an animal sounds so sci-fi and unrealistic to most, yet it’s slowly becoming an emerging practice in the horse world. Is it something that may begin happening in realm of purebred dogs? My interest in the subject first became piqued when I heard about the American Quarter Horse Association lawsuit regarding their rule...

12/10/2013: Letdown In Denver

Letdown In Denver Sara Chisnell, UKC Legal Counsel doglaw@ukcdogs.com The city of Denver, Colorado, has one of the most notorious and longstanding “pit bull” bans in the country. Thousands of dogs have been sadly seized and killed needlessly simply because of their appearance. Legal challenges to the law have thus far been unsuccessful, but there seemed to be hope with the most recent suit...

10/11/2013: How will the New USDA Changes Affect You?

By now, most of you have heard that some changes have been made to the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) that affect dog breeders, but there has been a lot of confusion on exactly how these changes work. I will attempt to clarify and simplify, to the best of my knowledge, but many of the definitions and applications remain unclear.

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