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04/09/2014: Breeding Top Dogs

How fortunate is any breeder who has a top quality bitch to carry on his breeding program. It doesn’t happen all that frequently, so those thus blessed should feel obligated to do the very best possible for her when selecting a mate.

03/14/2014: When Best Laid Plans Fail

There is nothing more disappointing for a breeder than having that one-in-a-million bitch he has bred or acquired not come through in the producing department. Unfortunately, quality falling way short of expectations, or no puppies at all, are the bitter disappointments that all breeders may face at one time or another.

01/13/2014: Dealing with Breed Standards, Parts I & II

Let’s go back a bit and review what Rick Beauchamp had to say about breed standards.

12/18/2013: The Fundamentals of Judging

There is nothing more helpful to the new or aspiring judge than having someone with long-time experience and knowledge offer to take on the role of mentor. Although the mentor cannot learn for the beginner, it is extremely beneficial to have someone to turn to when the inevitable questions arise.

11/05/2013: Answered Questions

More than half of a dog show judge’s weekend is spent almost everywhere but in the ring. A Saturday and Sunday assignment nowadays means the full day before traveling to one’s destination and another day afterwards returning. A good part of what appears on the surface to be a pleasant weekend judging and seeing friends actually entails just as many, if not more, hours flying or driving, and if the former often just as many hours sitting around an airport waiting on connections or for that flight “delayed due to weather.”

10/11/2013: Canine Anatomy 101

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind who reads this column how important I feel education is in the field of purebred dogs. It is impossible to succeed in any and all levels of breeding and showing without taking advantage of what has been researched and revealed over the years.

09/09/2013: Even the Gods Can't Unscramble Eggs

A good many of the letters I receive are requests for mentoring in the writers’ breeding programs. Time permitting; I do what I can to help. Telling someone how they should go about getting started is the easiest part - go to the best to get the best and follow their time-proven plan until every nuance is completely and thoroughly understood.

08/06/2013: Around the World in 14,600 Days

Just the other day a fellow judge asked me how long ago it was that I actually began judging all-breed dog shows. I thought about it a bit and trying to remember how it all actually did start took me back to early 1973.

07/08/2013: “Card from Hong Kong”

It was early 1976 that I visited China for the first time, but admittedly it was not then the China that I have come to know since. In fact, that initial trip was to judge for the Hong Kong Kowloon Kennel Club, and Hong Kong was at that time still a British protectorate.

06/05/2013: Balance and Proportion

Granted “There’s nothing new under the sun,” as the old saying goes, but on the other hand it must be understood that if someone has never heard about it or never understood what is meant, information can indeed be new (at least to the person discovering it).

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