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07/13/2015: The "Hunt Test Dog"

This month, we will be looking at the “Hunt Test Dog”, and what makes this hound successful within the Hunt Test Program. Anyone that has been involved with coonhounds for an extended period of time has a general idea of what constitutes a pleasure hound. Most would say, if you took the time to ask, that a pleasure hound is one that goes hunting and can run and tree a wild raccoon. Whether this...

06/09/2015: The UKC Hunt Test Program, You'll Find What You're Looking For

As the sun slowly faded behind the oak stands that lined the outer skirts of the corn-stubbled fields, it seemed to give way to a more prominent, artificial light. Life in the Pennsylvania countryside was just beginning to ready itself for the night, as the birds sang their last song on the roost, and darkness blanketed the woodlots. From the depths of the timber came a shrill cry that broke the...

05/05/2015: What is a Hunt Test?

This month we will be discussing just exactly what a Hunt Test is, and how you and your hound can get involved. To this day, there are people that compete with coonhounds on a regular basis who do not know what a UKC Hunt Test is. I find it rather odd that such a successful program can exist and yet still be shrouded in mystery to some. While the UKC Nite Hunts still remain one of the most...

04/06/2015: Club Participation

Arguably, member participation is one of the touchiest subjects that exists in the coonhound world today. In order to hold an event, regardless of whether it is a Nite Hunt, Bench Show or even a Hunt Test, club member participation will ultimately be the deciding factor in its success. Today we see a lot of clubs with great membership lists - 20, 30 or even 40 individuals that pay their dues and...

03/09/2015: Understanding the UKC Hunt Test Evaluation Form

Understanding the UKC Hunt Test Evaluation Form The UKC Hunt Test Evaluation Form is extremely simple and easy to use. Once acclimated with its three main parts, anyone can successfully complete one at the end of an evaluation. 1) Basic Information This section of the Evaluation Form is designated for basic information on the dog being entered. Participants should list the dog’s name...

02/16/2015: How to Schedule a UKC Hunt Test

The UKC Hunt Test Program is one that was designed to be as simple as possible. In a world so technologically advanced and sophisticated, it only made sense to make scheduling an HTX event an easy process completely through our website.

01/19/2015: Hunt Test Evaluation Rules

Since my first installment of Tailgate Talk back in August of last year, I have been receiving quite a few phone calls and emails about the Hunt Test program.

12/15/2014: Qualifications of being an Evaluator

This month, we will be covering the qualifications of being an evaluator in UKC Licensed Hunt Tests, and how clubs can more readily supply them at each event. The UKC Hunt Test program was designed to be a simple alternative to the hustle and bustle of Nite Hunt activities, an event that even the pleasure hunter could readily enjoy. Along with their easy-going nature, these events are extremely...

11/04/2014: How do we draw more dogs?

This month, we will be talking about a few simple tricks to help clubs increase participation at their scheduled Hunt Test events. Every club across the continental United States, regardless of how successful or otherwise, has asked the same question one time or another in the history of its existence. “How do we draw more dogs?” That is the million dollar question! Are there any surefire...

09/29/2014: Tailgate Talk

This month, we will be talking about evaluating performance, and how Hunt Tests aid the everyday breeder in selecting stock with proven and certified ability. All of us, as hunters and houndsmen, are guilty of defining our hounds by certain aspects of their lives. Many of us competition hunters solely define our dogs by their titles and win streaks, who they beat last weekend, and who they’re...

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