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05/19/2016: Full Circle

All clubs are reminded to send their reports in to UKC in a timely manner. While UKC already has late fees that are assessed to any late reports, it seems that doesn’t always help to get reports turned in on time. Don’t be surprised or disappointed if UKC starts taking stronger actions against clubs who don’t send their reports in on time, starting with not confirming future scheduled events until all reports are received.

02/15/2016: Full Circle

Full Circle Allen Gingerich Majority Saw the Rabbit. Time Out Called for Danger. Plus or Circle Strike Points? Q: All dogs are struck in on a track. The rabbit is jumped up ahead of the cast and is seen by all members of the cast. The dogs continue to trail ahead of the cast and heading towards a road where traffic was a concern, so the cast voted to call time out and run in to handle the dogs...

01/25/2016: Your New Year’s Resolution and Assignment

Andy is a young man in his mid-20’s who’s been hunting Beagles since he was a kid. He had heard of field trials, but knew very little about them until recently when a high school buddy invited him to tag along with him at an event held by a Beagle club in a neighboring town. Andy took him up on the offer and wanted to see what they were all about. As it turned out, his buddy Larry won the cast...

12/14/2015: Rules Proposals

The Rules Committee met this past October during the week of the World Hunt to discuss the rules proposals that were submitted this year. Considering and discussing any effects a proposal might have in relation to the sport, rules or the program is imperative. Again this year, it was pleasing to see the thorough discussions and the effort the committee put forth with each of the 11 proposals on...

11/23/2015: Spectators Calling Lines

Is it permissible for spectators to call lines during a hunt?

09/21/2015: Check Points on Scorecard When Rabbit Was Not Seen

Q: Dogs A, B, C and D are struck in on a rabbit. They run it for approximately half of a circle and then go into a check. All four dogs are minused 20 points for the check. About two minutes into the check, Dog A opens first, followed by the other three dogs, and they start moving the track again. Dog A was awarded the recovery (20+). The dogs then went 200 yards further and the track broke down...

08/11/2015: Q & A

Calling Dogs Away from the Area Voids Bark Count Q: The other day I was at a UKC field trial where my dog took a minus I didn’t agree with. According to the judge, I did not declare her struck until the fifth bark, so I asked for a cast vote, but they all voted against me. I’m curious how you would rule on it. Here’s the scenario. Midway through the hunt we called time out and moved to a...

06/09/2015: Q & A

Ineligible Strike Call Q: Dog A is the first dog to open up, but is not declared struck by the handler. Fifteen seconds later, Dog B opens up and is declared struck for 100. Immediately after Dog B is declared struck, the handler of Dog A declares his dog struck although the dog has not made another bark since that first one 15 seconds earlier. Should a strike call be accepted in this manner? A...

05/05/2015: Performance Pack Judge Selection Clarification

Q: Are Performance Pack clubs obligated to use any individual who requests to judge on that day? A: There’s no question that judges in Performance Pack play a major role in the success of any clubs event, so it’s a great question.

04/06/2015: Drawing Casts and Judges

World Qualifiers and Hunt Directors Q: Can clubs use a Hunt Director for a World Qualifying Event? A: Clubs have the approval to use a Hunt Director at a World Qualifying Event, with the understanding that clubs assign an individual who is well-qualified and capable of following all event procedures. Drawing Casts and Judges Back in the day, it went largely unnoticed, or was universally...

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