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01/23/2017: Full Circle

Running Out of Daylight at a Hunting Beagle Elimination Event

12/14/2016: Full Circle: Club Membership Enforcement, Other Beagle News

Can a club enforce membership dues? I know other organizations require that you be a member in order to enter your dog and run in their trial. Can we do this with our UKC events?

11/15/2016: Full Circle

Striking Wrong Dog or Dog That Has Not Opened

10/12/2016: Full Circle

This month’s article features three separate topics, all of which are related to multiple ownership.

09/15/2016: Full Circle

We find that a lot of times hunters get their education on rules via clubhouse chatter or their hunting buddies. That’s all good and dandy provided the information is accurate. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not. For whatever reason, a lot of hunters do not take the time to read the rulebook. In the field when a rule debate comes up, how many times do you see the judge turn the scorecard over and read the specific rule that applies to the situation at hand? Probably not many. The matter typically goes to a quick vote, followed by someone placing a question mark on the card to take back to the Master of Hounds.

08/23/2016: Full Circle

2016 Hunting Beagle World Championship Notes. With the World Championship just around the corner, here are some reminders.

07/13/2016: Full Circle

Criteria of Qualified, Selecting Judges and Honor Rules

06/22/2016: Full Circle

The litter-registered requirement and a minimum of nine dogs in a category are a couple changes recently made to the All-Star Series rules.

05/19/2016: Full Circle

All clubs are reminded to send their reports in to UKC in a timely manner. While UKC already has late fees that are assessed to any late reports, it seems that doesn’t always help to get reports turned in on time. Don’t be surprised or disappointed if UKC starts taking stronger actions against clubs who don’t send their reports in on time, starting with not confirming future scheduled events until all reports are received.

02/15/2016: Full Circle

Full Circle Allen Gingerich Majority Saw the Rabbit. Time Out Called for Danger. Plus or Circle Strike Points? Q: All dogs are struck in on a track. The rabbit is jumped up ahead of the cast and is seen by all members of the cast. The dogs continue to trail ahead of the cast and heading towards a road where traffic was a concern, so the cast voted to call time out and run in to handle the dogs...

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