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08/12/2014: UKC Master of Hounds Apprenticeship Policy Change

The Hunt Director format was implemented several years ago where clubs could choose that option opposed to using a Master of Hounds for their UKC Licensed Hunting Beagle Hunts. The few differences between a Hunt Director and a Master of Hounds are such that the individual serving as Hunt Director: • Is not required to be a licensed Master of Hounds. • May enter a dog they own in the event, if...

07/09/2014: Bench Show Judge and Master of Hounds Apprenticeship Information

The purpose of the apprenticeship program is not to learn the hunt rules or the Beagle breed standard. The individual should already be experienced and well versed in that department. Rather, it is to learn the proper procedures of conducting a hunt or show, fill out Event Reports properly, how to conduct a licensed event properly, proper procedures to draw casts, and things of that nature...

06/04/2014: Number One Unwritten Rule

We find that a lot of times hunters get their education on rules via clubhouse chatter or their hunting buddies. That’s all good and dandy provided the information is accurate. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not. For whatever reason a lot of hunters do not take the time to read the rulebook.

05/08/2014: IMPORTANT - MUST READ!

IMPORTANT - MUST READ! Split Track Rules. Split tracks and the new rules implemented this year for them continue to be the hot topic of discussion. Everyone agrees the new rules work fantastic … if you don’t have any split tracks! However, when you get in areas where there’s an abundance of rabbits, you might be in for a frustrating “catch dogs, catch dogs, catch dogs” kind of hunt. When...

04/03/2014: Judging Privileges Revoked

Every now and then, UKC deals with matters where Question and Appeal procedures were not followed to correct wrong scorings. An owner or handler will call in to the office in hopes that UKC can “fix” their issue of wrongful scoring that occurred last weekend.

03/14/2014: Rules Review

Finally ... spring is here in many parts of the country and just around the corner for the rest. After all the arctic weather blasts, it makes this time of year even better. Trialing season is in full swing and everyone is in a great mood, and there won’t be any scoring debates to be had. Okay, maybe the latter won’t always be true. As long as there are competitions, there will be scoring...

02/10/2014: Rules and Judging Seminars - a New Year’s Resolution for Clubs

If your club is like most, after a while the same old, same old club meetings month after month, although important as they are, tend to get a little boring.

01/13/2014: Rule Change Clarifications

RULE 3 (b) POINTS WILL BE PLUS {On strike for all dogs, provided dog was struck in on majority of the track, after any one dog is awarded speed and drive points.} This new rule now awards plus strike points to all dogs after any one dog has scored a line.

12/18/2013: Rule Change Clarifications

With the recent rule changes for the Hunting Beagle format, combined with what seems like numerous other changes, there won’t be enough space to include everything in one article.

11/05/2013: UKC 2013 Hunting Beagle Rules Proposal Official Results

The Hunting Beagle Rules Committee met at Centreville, Michigan on Thursday, September 26, 2013. Those present consisted of five UKC Field Representatives, two representatives of the National Hunting Beagle Association and two members of an Advisory Committee. It took a majority vote of those present to pass a proposal. Several rules did pass with an amendment, as noted. There were several proposals not included, but similar to one already on the ballot, that were considered.

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