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05/19/2016: Coonhound Advisor

This month’s column is dedicated to UKC event or hunt-related policies that may not be written in the Coonhound Rulebook. The first subject is a new policy, while the rest were taken from the archives to serve as a refresher course.

04/15/2016: Coonhound Advisor

This topic is near and dear to my heart. It’s one of my pet peeves, actually. How many times have you seen a cast gather and someone, usually the person in possession of the scorecard, exclaims, “We are all really Judges for this cast.” It can happen even in cases where a club or association has made an effort to appoint a quality Judge on the cast.

03/15/2016: Coonhound Advisor

In a tree-scoring situation, the dogs are treed on a den tree. There’s a hole in the side of the tree where handlers can look down to the bottom and see fur. However, there is some question on whether the coon is alive or dead. Here’s the question. Is it okay to take a stick and poke at the coon in the den or is that considered molesting a den?

02/15/2016: Coonhound Advisor

Coonhound Advisor Allen Gingerich Non-Hunting Judge Calling Time Out for Dog Not Struck Based on Telemetry Q: This question pertains to a three-dog cast with a non-hunting judge. Dogs A and B are declared struck and opening on trail to our left. Dog C is moving to the right, according the handler’s telemetry. Dog C still has not barked and is not struck in when the handler says his Garmin« shows...

01/25/2016: Attention, Club Officers! Event Supplies and Event Licenses

Your club’s corresponding officer, as shown on record at UKC, should have received your event supplies to cover all of your events for 2016. This includes scorecards, entry stickies, MOH checklists, Cast Breakdown Forms, Appeal and Misconduct Forms, and other event-related items. The amount of supplies you receive is based on the number of events UKC has scheduled for your club throughout the...

11/23/2015: Q & A

Scenario: Dog A is declared treed first for 125. Dog B is declared treed second for 75. Dogs C and D are out on trail. After the five is up and the cast arrives at the tree, they find that Dog A and Dog B are split. Dog B is on the next tree over. The judge moves Dog B up to first tree position on the scorecard and they shine Dog A’s tree for the ten minutes but do not find a coon. The cast...

10/12/2015: Who’s The Handler?

When you get three phone calls a day on the same subject, from different parts of the country, it’s a good indication that an interpretation for the rule in question should be answered for everyone’s benefit. The question that has come up with unbelievable frequency lately concerns whether or not Person A can call a dog and act as primary handler, while being assisted from Person B, who catches...

09/21/2015: Q & A

Dealing with Scorecard Question and a Lack of Time Q: I have been hunting for a few years in UKC events and, for the most part, have really enjoyed myself. Scoring nite hunts is not an exact science and hunters are regularly called upon to make judgement calls. Most of the time things go smoothly, but on rare occasions a decision may be disputed. The coonhound rulebook is fairly clear as to...

08/11/2015: Q & A

Entry Fee Check Bounced Q: Occasionally our club will have a participant pay their entry fee with a personal check. We have no problem doing so other than recently we had one such check bounce. After several months and several attempts to resolve the matter the participant will no longer accept our calls or respond to the voicemails we have left them. Unfortunately, they had entered multiple dogs...

07/13/2015: Q & A

Entering a Dog on Puppy Papers as Conditional Q: Is it acceptable to enter a dog not yet permanently registered (puppy papers only) as a Conditional Entry? A: UKC has never allowed dogs that are not permanently registered (have puppy papers only) to be eligible for a licensed event. A dog must be permanently registered before it may be entered in any UKC Licensed Event. This remains true even...

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