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Coonhound Bloodlines Editor's Comments

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12/14/2015: Coonhound Breeds Standards Revision

Vicki Rand, Editor The following Disqualification has been added to all seven of the Coonhound breed standards, to be effective January 1, 2016: “Any color or combination of colors other than described.” The problem of non-breed typical colors in the coonhound breeds has been an ongoing problem, and some of the chartered national associations approached UKC on how to define what is acceptable...

08/11/2015: Filling Out the Event Report Paperwork

Every once in a while, we feel the need to remind everyone to double check everything when preparing the official event paperwork to be sent to UKC. It is imperative that everything be filled out completely and accurately from beginning to finish in order to guarantee the hounds are credited with their wins.

03/09/2015: Horizon Award Reminder

The United Kennel Club and COONHOUND BLOODLINES established the Horizon Award in 2002 to recognize the outstanding youth of today and encourage them to maintain the legacy of the UKC Coonhound sports into the 21st Century.

02/16/2015: Coonhound Club of the Month Column

Vicki Rand, Editor Over several years, I have attempted to feature a Coonhound Club of the Month in COONHOUND BLOODLINES, featuring well-deserving clubs that have shown success in hosting major events as well as clubs who have performed well at the local level. To be honest, it hasn’t been very successful, primarily for two reasons. One being that I haven’t been very committed to the...

11/04/2014: The Seventh-Year Phenomenon

All clubs are most likely aware of the seventh-year calendar shift that occurs for scheduling events. All coonhound events are scheduled by the weekend of the year they are held, which is pretty sensible. Every seven years, however, there is a date shift – the dates change significantly, but not the scheduled weekend. Next year, 2015, is one of those years.

09/29/2014: Thoughts On A Good Man

Vicki Rand Everyone hopes they will leave behind some fond memories when they pass from this life. One person who most certainly did was former UKC Field Rep and Treeing Walker breeder, James “Jim” Simpson, a life-long resident of Shelbyville, Indiana. Jim was born June 23, 1936 to Rev. William Simpson and Lula Hansford Simpson in Franklin, Indiana. He married Patty Lee Simpson on August 25...

04/03/2014: Club Alert!

It’s time for our regular reminder to all UKC licensed clubs and associations to update their current list of officers every time an election is held. In many cases, this is done yearly, and the first duty of the new corresponding officer should be to send the list to UKC.

12/19/2013: Why You Do What You Do

I received a call from a Mr. George Steffes of Edgerton, Ohio, who wanted to share an inspirational story with our readers.

11/05/2013: Much Ado About Nothing? Or Should we be Worried?

For many years, a sheep farmer down the road from me (who has since passed away), maintained a flock of about 200 registered ewes. He also had a small flock of about 30 replacement rams, also registered, that he sold all over the country. Because his sheep were quite valuable, and we had (and still have) a large coyote population in our area, he took great care to protect them. He did have a llama that ran with the ewes, and also had five to seven Great Pyrenees flock guardians that lived with the sheep year-round. Two of the females had a litter each year, and all of the puppies grew up with the sheep until they were sold.

10/11/2013: Autumn Oaks

I’ve been at UKC since 1989, and have attended Autumn Oaks for many years. The first couple, I attended as a spectator because I wanted to find out what the coonhounds were all about. Like so many dog people, I had only been vaguely aware that this world existed, but I was totally intrigued.

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