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Top 10 Winner: RATS UWPCH GRCH ALPINE'S RING OF FIRE, an American Pit Bull Terrier owned by Valerie Ann Piltz Ed Thomason Karen Thomason from Bellevue, WA.

FirstAmerican Pit Bull Terrier475RATS UWPCH GRCH ALPINE'S RING OF FIREOwned by: Valerie Ann Piltz Ed Thomason Karen Thomason
SecondBeagle1254CA CGRCH ALADARS JUST COMMAND'NOwned by: Kimberlee J Rice / Ruth Darlene Stewart
ThirdAmerican Hairless Terrier313CA GRCH'PR'SARANTAIS SHADOW WALKER @ WMKOwned by: Karyn Pingel / Ryan Pingel
FourthGerman Spitz1214CH CASSANDRA'S HEIDIOwned by: Cassandra Britt
FifthAlaskan Malamute579GRCH SAMALJANKAN I'M THE ONE NYRAKYMOwned by: Karyn Colman & Jari Nirhamo
SixthDalmatian1088GRCH DIAMOND C'YA AT THE FINISHLINEOwned by: Jeff Bulger & Susan Bulger
SeventhMiniature Pinscher1007CH MARLEX N MARISOL BOLD MOVESOwned by: Melanie Hackett
EighthGerman Shepherd Dog778GRCH CATTIN RHINES MY O MIDASOwned by: Karen Cattin
NinthCoton De Tulear1030CH SANDEE'S HOPE JEWEL IN THE RUFOwned by: Sharon Detro
TenthVizsla1378GRCH SOLARIS SWEET TARTOwned by: Beth Kirven / Rachael Murphy