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Top 10 Winner: GRCH CARALOT'S FOREVER A TRIPLETAKE, a Poodle owned by Julie A Bogart Rebecca Bertouille from Pekin, IN.

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Afghan HoundGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH JOLIE PAGLIACCIOOwned by: Claudia Cochrane & David Cochrane
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AkitaBest of Breed, URO1 CH ABSOLUTE'S GOING THE DISTANCEOwned by: Mary Mignogna
Alaskan Klee KaiBest of Breed, GRCH'PR'ALIAK'S THRU THE FIRE AND FLAMESOwned by: Lisa Monge Karen Street
Alaskan MalamuteBest of Breed, CA CH SNOSHIRE'S SHADOWFAX AT SNOSPIRITOwned by: Debbie Carter
American B & T CoonhoundGold star IconBest of Breed, CCH CH'PR'WEINSTOCKS 5 O CLOCK SOMEWHEREOwned by: Rachel Weinstock
American BulldogBest of Breed, UWP CH KING HAVEN'S WINSTONOwned by: Dorothy Morone
American BullyBest of Breed, GRCH FS SWEET-N-LOW VOM HOLMESOwned by: Donald F Holmes Sr
American EskimoGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH'PR'NUUKTOK'S ALL EYES ON MEOwned by: Deborah Allen
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American Hairless TerrierBest of Breed, GRCH'PR'RAGANRAHT'S I DREAMED A DREAMOwned by: Jackie Craver
American Pit Bull TerrierBest of Breed, URO1 UWPO CA UWPCHX GRCH'PR'TOPLINE SOHO HELL ON HEELSOwned by: Kelly Dirting Valerie Lewis
Australian Cattle DogGold star IconBest of Breed, URO1 PTN CH ROUFLERS THREE TIMES CHARMEDOwned by: Nicole Fochtman
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Australian ShepherdBest of Breed, UCD URO3 NBOB CA UACH GRCH BAMBOO RUN'S DARK KNIGHTOwned by: Terri A Rein
BarbetBest of Breed, CH HICKORY TAVERN SECRET GARDENOwned by: C. Lynn Vogt-Kinsey Leslie Woodward
BasenjiBest of Breed, PTA URO1 GRCH KIROJA HOCKEYTOWN HEROOwned by: Kelli Harmon
Basset Fauve De BretagneBest of Breed, CH SVERDRUPS SEYMOUROwned by: Carolyn De Fiore Char Williams
Basset HoundBest of Breed, CH TAYLOR'S SHINING PENNYOwned by: Sherry Taylor
Bavarian Mountain HoundBest of Breed, CH AYLA VOM SEELEY'S MEUTEOwned by: David Seeley
BeagleBest of Breed, CGRCH TILL'S IF DREAMS COME TRUEOwned by: Tricia Till
Belgian Shepherd DogGold star IconBest of Breed, CH TORINO DE MON PLAISIROwned by: Kathleen Bouffard Jeffrey Bouffard
Berger PicardBest of Breed, GRCH RR DK JOY TO THE WORLDOwned by: Deborah Hodges Randolph Hodges Jackie Walker
Bernese Mountain DogBest of Breed, CH SHERSAN OWHATA KNIGHT FOR ACCLAIMOwned by: Carolyn Kinley Nancy Wuest
Black Russian TerrierBest of Breed, CH GENESIS YABLUNEVYI TSVITOwned by: Jeff M Adkins
Bluetick CoonhoundBest of Breed, CCH'PR'CAMERON'S BLUE BLUEZYOwned by: Holly Baker
Border CollieBest of Breed, UCD UJJ CA UAGII URO3 UWPCH GRCH LOOKOUT A. SKAMFEROwned by: Christi Skamfer
Border TerrierBest of Breed, GRCH JUSUTSUS 4 THE RED,WHITE & BLUEOwned by: Betty Mc Neil-Scott Bryon Scott
BorzoiBest of Breed, CH WINDNSATIN BLACK CAVIAR ON ICEOwned by: Mary Childs
Boston TerrierBest of Breed, CH DOUBLE D'S RISE UP-N-SHINEOwned by: James T Disosway & Elaine C Disosway
Bouvier Des FlandresBest of Breed, GRCH ROBBINS DANCING WITH DESIRESOwned by: Rebecca Allen-Robbins Emily Robbins Tim Robbins
BoxerBest of Breed, CH BENAHA'S LET'S START A RIOTOwned by: Callie Fort Callie Coughran
Bracco ItalianoBest of Breed, GRCH DINGLIGEM KAVALLIEROwned by: Claire Philpott
BrittanyBest of Breed, CH SARADAC'S LOCKED N LOADEDOwned by: Janice Hightower Sherry Foster
Brussels GriffonBest of Breed, USA UFA UAGI CH URO1 AH-Z'S MAD HATTEROwned by: Jill Summerford-Davis
BullmastiffBest of Breed, GRCH FAITHDRIVEN OUTLANDOS D'AMOUROwned by: Deborah Mc Laughlin Frederick Mc Laughlin
Cane Corso ItalianoGold star IconBest of Breed, RATN URO1 CA GRCH MASSIMO DI PHARAOHOwned by: James A Brasier
Carolina DogBest of Breed, CH KT NORTHSTAR ACTION JACK'S SONOwned by: Carrie Riley
Central Asian ShepherddogGold star IconBest of Breed, URO2 GRCH FERGIE CHACALKIZ CHENEKELOwned by: Susan Lindquist
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverBest of Breed, UJJ CH CHESABAR'S DUCK DUCK GOOSEOwned by: Tina L Camp Kim L Cramer
ChihuahuaGold star IconBest of Breed, CH TODD CHIAPPETTAOwned by: Heidi Chiappetta
Chinese CrestedBest of Breed, CH KALYPSO MAN BEHIND THE CURTAINOwned by: Amy Rutherford Terry Smalley
Chinese Shar-PeiBest of Breed, CH URO1 CHASES STIRFRY N FORTUNE COOKIESOwned by: Tina Chase
ChinookBest of Breed, GRCH'PR'CLOUDBURST LEDGEBAK KRAUMAYOKOwned by: Diana Fowler & Joann Blackman
Cocker SpanielBest of Breed, CH CHARLESTONS RED WHITE N BLUEOwned by: Lisa Brown Johnathon Wehry
CollieBest of Breed, CH COPPERMOON INDIGO ILLUSIONOwned by: Kathy Lamping
Coton De TulearBest of Breed, CH DIOR'S ALEGRIAOwned by: Denise Simenauer / Peter Simenauer
Czechoslovakian VlcakBest of Breed, CH BUDDHA Z POSTUPICKEHO PODLESIOwned by: Terri Lynn Wemigwans
DachshundBest of Breed, CH CHERYLINS WEE HOOSYER DADDY MSOwned by: Cheryl Rausch
DalmatianBest of Breed, GRCH DIAMOND C'YA AT THE FINISHLINEOwned by: Jeff Bulger & Susan Bulger
Danish-Swedish FarmdogBest of Breed, UWP CH STOLTA EBBAS ENRIDE OF SWEDENOwned by: Cynthia Heyman
Danish BroholmerBest of Breed, CH BLACKAMBER'S BORN IN THE USAOwned by: Kathleen Kimmeth Alyssa Kimmeth Joe Kimmeth
Doberman PinscherGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH ROLIN AURORA AUSTRALISOwned by: Debra Lesnik & Donna Schmehl
Dogue De BordeauxBest of Breed, GRCH ROGUE DOGUE BOOGITY X3Owned by: Alex Romanowicz / Alexa Romanowicz
Dutch ShepherdBest of Breed, URO1 GRCH MY GIRL TESSA OF CHER CAROwned by: Tom Ballard / Kathy Ballard
English Cocker SpanielGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH SKJERVTUNS SIMPLY BLACK PEPPEROwned by: Austina Heinz Gina Plott
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English CoonhoundBest of Breed, CCH CH'PR'TAYLOR MADE COCO CHANELOwned by: Caleb Tolley
English PointerBest of Breed, GRCH TARMIGAN'S VIEWPOINTOwned by: Karen Picchi
English Springer SpanielBest of Breed, URO1 GRCH RIVERSONG BRIDGE TO FROGCREEKOwned by: Christine Carroll & Kimberly S Winkler
Epagneul BretonBest of Breed, HUNT CH NBOB DES PLAINES' J'AI CECI TANOwned by: Leah Corcoran
Field SpanielGold star IconBest of Breed, NC PTS CH WYLDKATZ RIVAL OF KINGSOwned by: Megan Marshall Daphne Stover
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Finnish SpitzBest of Breed, CH MAXASTA'S ROWDY'S LEGACEYOwned by: Karen Cattin
Flat-Coated RetrieverBest of Breed, GRCH OAKWOOD'S DOUBLE EXPOSUREOwned by: Frederick J Stauch Richard A Tishma
French BulldogBest of Breed, GRCH CHAVEZ FIRST FAMILY MOOSEOwned by: Alejandro D Bengochea
German PinscherBest of Breed, CH'PR'TRI-PINSCHER'S TORSTEN'S BLADEOwned by: Marlene Denommee
German Shepherd DogBest of Breed, GRCH JDM'S TONKA TANK OF TANGLEWOODOwned by: Lara Staples
German Shorthaired PntrBest of Breed, CH HOTWIRED'S JAGER HE'S DA BOMBOwned by: Karin Cecil
German SpitzBest of Breed, CH IF EVER SHE IS A WINTER DREAMOwned by: Danielle Christensen
Golden RetrieverBest of Breed, GRCH THNDRGOLD ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGHOwned by: Sandra E L Jennings
Great DaneBest of Breed, CH JOHANNES VON SCHLESIENOwned by: Stacy L Lord
HamiltonstovareBest of Breed, CH KILCAVAN ALICE'S ADVENTURESOwned by: Ashley Hammock Michelle Longman
HavaneseBest of Breed, CH WILDFLOWERS FLIBBERTIGIBBETOwned by: Laura A Burgess
Hungarian Wh VizslaBest of Breed, CH FUREDI VADASZ ANTIOwned by: Gayle Nelson / Larry Nelson
Ibizan HoundBest of Breed, CH AHRAN YOU'VE GOT THE LOOKOwned by: Robin Pusztay Jacquline Pusztay Michelle Paulin Steve Pusztay
Icelandic SheepdogBest of Breed, CH ARCTICRIDGE LADY REIGNOwned by: Michelle Radloff Lindsey Lund Courtney Lund
Irish Red & White SetterBest of Breed, CH TRULY A HERO'S SONGOwned by: Mary H O'leary
Irish SetterBest of Breed, CH COURTWOOD CLAIRVOYANTOwned by: Deborah M Lawrence
Irish WolfhoundBest of Breed, CH HOPS-N-HOUNDS IMP GIRL RIONACHOwned by: Julie Schaeffer Christopher Schaeffer
Italian GreyhoundBest of Breed, UFA CH GAFFER'S ELEGANT STAR @ BLACKOwned by: Susan Brasel
Jack Russell TerrierBest of Breed, CH FOXFIELD ROYAL MONTGOMERYOwned by: Beth Snedegar
Kangal DogBest of Breed, MISTY ACRES 2 CEDAR POND BEKCIOwned by: Philip Larson & Heidi Stucki
Karelian Bear DogBest of Breed, CH TSARSHADOWS STATE OF SIEGEOwned by: Maureen Griffin
Kerry Blue TerrierGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH VALTERA'S I STAND ALONEOwned by: Terese Worful
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KooikerhondjeGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH AMBERMOON FROSTED TOAST CRUNCH SPOTOwned by: Kathy Kimmeth
KromfohrlanderBest of Breed, UFA USA CH KRUMME FURCHE HUMMER SPOTOwned by: Donna Walker
KuvaszBest of Breed, CH AUTUMN WINDS SWORD IN THE STONEOwned by: Barbara A Tatay
La Catahoula Leopard DogBest of Breed, UAGI CA GRCH TASSO'S BAREFOOT CONTESSAOwned by: Melba Wooldridge
Labrador RetrieverBest of Breed, GRCH BELLEDINS COOL CHANGE MIDNITOwned by: Michelle Kiko
LeonbergerBest of Breed, CH EX ANIMO BENVENUTI AMICIOwned by: Rachel White
Min American ShepherdBest of Breed, NN AC URO2 PTE GRCH WIGGLEBUTT HAN SOLO SPOT-ONOwned by: Bill Ogle / Angela Ogle
Miniature PinscherBest of Breed, CH SUN REH MOONLITE ON WATEROwned by: Martha Wojtaszek
Miniature SchnauzerBest of Breed, CH URO2 ERNHART'S LIKE A ROLLING STONEOwned by: Hannah Ward
Mountain CurBest of Breed, CCH WALNUT RIDGE DIXIEOwned by: Mandy Middleton
Multi-Colored PoodleGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH CARALOT'S FOREVER A TRIPLETAKEOwned by: Julie A Bogart Rebecca Bertouille
Norwegian BuhundBest of Breed, CH TROLLHEIM WISDOM OF THE WORLDOwned by: Mona Aasmul
Ns Duck Tolling RetrieverBest of Breed, CA UCD UACH URO1 UNJ UWP GRCH PINEHILL'S ST CROIX LOVERBOYOwned by: Constance M Goetz / Ricci A Goetz
Old English SheepdogBest of Breed, CH XRD THAT AHA! MOMENTOwned by: Kim Reardon Trish Libby
Parson Russell TerrierBest of Breed, CH TUNDRA MYSIA ZAGLADA@MONTANA SKYOwned by: Patricia M Robinson
Pembroke Welsh CorgiGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH LIN-KEL NANTEOS EIFIONOwned by: Sandy Wierman
Perro De Presa CanarioBest of Breed, CH HAYDEN DE CABEZA GRANDEOwned by: Teal Erickson
Pharaoh HoundBest of Breed, GRCH FARAO ANUBIS I'M ALL EARSOwned by: Laura Hughes-Williams / Kendra Williams
Plott HoundBest of Breed, CH CCH'PR'WHITE DEER MALTESE ICONOwned by: S C R Burkett Sonia Yearwood
Podengo PortuguesoBest of Breed, GRCH BROKENROAD NEVER GIVE UPOwned by: Stacy Faw Susan Faw Lynne Spencer
PomeranianBest of Breed, BROWNS SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLEOwned by: Betty Brown
PoodleBest of Breed, GRCH VALENTINE MY HEARTS DESIREOwned by: Cynthia Ratz Michael R Ratz
Portuguese Water DogBest of Breed, UAGII CH BAYSWATER FRANKIEOwned by: Julie K Wencloff
PugBest of Breed, CH ARAMIS STAR DUSTOwned by: Cynthia Allen Jill Clark
Rhodesian RidgebackBest of Breed, CH TERRACOTTA'S HONORABLE SOLDIEROwned by: Roxanne Repaal
RottweilerBest of Breed, CH ROCK RUN SOUTHERN COMFORTOwned by: Kathleen A Yontz Barbara Branford
Russkiy ToyBest of Breed, GRCH ERAE'S GORGEOUS GIFTOwned by: Eloise Raymond
SalukiBest of Breed, GRCH SANDSTORM KAROB CAN U HEAR ME?Owned by: Kathleen Morton
SamoyedGold star IconBest of Breed, CH SFX ARTICCROSS FRENCH KISSOwned by: Lori Chapek-Carleton
SchipperkeGold star IconBest of Breed, CH GEMINI DALI'S LEELA NADIAOwned by: Debra Decker Maggie Pryor
Shetland SheepdogGold star IconBest of Breed, URO2 UWP GRCH ALLAROUND MAJESTYK STRIKEANYWHEREOwned by: Katherine Ostiguy Daniel Lombard Terri Little
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ShibaBest of Breed, GRCH KIRALIA'S RISE ABOVE THE MADNESSOwned by: Kimberly Quallio
Siberian HuskyBest of Breed, GRCH KANSA AN EAGLE WILL FLYOwned by: Julie Lamonska
Silken WindhoundBest of Breed, CH'PR'ATTAWAY-KINOBI HIGH NOONOwned by: Rebecca Peters-Campbell Melissa J Pearce
Spinone ItalianoBest of Breed, NI NC PTA CH HOOTWIRE N BELLACAMPO OVERTHEMOONOwned by: Debbie Perrott Shirley Knipe Kay Mc Leland
Staffordshire BullterrierBest of Breed, UWP USA UFA CA GRCH CIERA'S HOMEBREWED CA KIDOwned by: Amy Johnson Lorelei Craig
Standard Multi-Colored PoodleBest of Breed, GRCH JACKNIC'S COLORFUL LANGUAGEOwned by: Kathleen Esio-King
Standard PoodleBest of Breed, GRCH KALAN'S HAUTE OBSESSIONOwned by: Emily Morelli
Standard SchnauzerBest of Breed, CH DUNDEE SALTUS ZE ZAHRABSKEOwned by: Melanie Cardell
Teddy Roosevelt TerrierBest of Breed, GRCH WEEBITS ZORROOwned by: Lesa Barnett
Tibetan MastiffBest of Breed, GRCH GREAT LAKES CITADEL JIN VIRAATOwned by: Marcia Szarek
Tibetan SpanielBest of Breed, GRCH EAGLE CREST CATORI NATANEOwned by: David Finke / Joline Finke
Toy Fox TerrierBest of Breed, CH NBOB'PR'FRITZFOX SHINING STAR @ FLAIROwned by: Anne Kieffer Kimberly K Rowley
Treeing Walker CoonhoundGold star IconBest of Breed, CCH'PR'STACKEM UP THE BUSINESS BREEDOwned by: Bridgette Clary
VizslaBest of Breed, GRCH OURDREAM'S RED SKY AT NIGHTOwned by: Mary-Ellen Harvey Kevin Harvey
Welsh Springer SpanielBest of Breed, UCD URO2 CH ROLYART'S MOST VALUABLE PLAYEROwned by: Karen Young
WhippetGold star IconBest of Breed, CT GRCH DUNESVIEW'S AUTUMN MOONLIGHTOwned by: Vern Borgman / Beth Borgman
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White ShepherdBest of Breed, GRCH ROYAL EDWARD OF MORGANTOWNOwned by: Jean Reeves / Natasha Boyce
W.Highland White TerrierBest of Breed, CH HIGHLANDS TARA OF MISTY MORNOwned by: Mary Ellen Kessler
Yorkshire TerrierBest of Breed, CH MAJESTIK CASTLE'S QUESTOwned by: Sharon Griffin