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Top 10 Winner: RATS UWPCH GRCH ALPINE'S RING OF FIRE, an American Pit Bull Terrier owned by Valerie Ann Piltz Ed Thomason Karen Thomason from Bellevue, WA.

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Afghan HoundBest of Breed, CH MYLAKHAN'S CHAGALLOwned by: Megan Wager
Alaskan Klee KaiBest of Breed, GRCH'PR'MACMALI'S ONYX CRUISER V SHONIOwned by: Eric Fischer / Lowanna S Binkley
Alaskan MalamuteGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH SAMALJANKAN I'M THE ONE NYRAKYMOwned by: Karyn Colman & Jari Nirhamo
American BulldogBest of Breed, CH MY DOG CASPEROwned by: Melissa Zirk & Wayne Steele
American EskimoBest of Breed, GRCH'PR'NUUKTOK'S FISSAN MODRN D WARRIOROwned by: Deborah Allen
American Hairless TerrierGold star IconBest of Breed, CA GRCH'PR'SARANTAIS SHADOW WALKER @ WMKOwned by: Karyn Pingel / Ryan Pingel
American Pit Bull TerrierGold star IconBest of Breed, RATS UWPCH GRCH ALPINE'S RING OF FIREOwned by: Valerie Ann Piltz Ed Thomason Karen Thomason
Australian Cattle DogBest of Breed, URO1 TRAILS END GREAT BLUE HOPEOwned by: Doreen Heywood / Kelly Ann Rae
Australian ShepherdBest of Breed, GRCH LK MICH NOT JUST BLOWING SMOKEOwned by: Marcie Boomsliter
AzawakhBest of Breed, CH DAKAR AK DOMIKO-BELOZOROwned by: Suzanne Liggett
BarbetBest of Breed, URO2 CH NEIGENUVEAUX'S GAMBITOwned by: Francois Menard
Basset Fauve De BretagneBest of Breed, CH BLEVWIL DRAMA QUEENOwned by: Carolyn De Fiore
BeagleGold star IconBest of Breed, CA CGRCH ALADARS JUST COMMAND'NOwned by: Kimberlee J Rice / Ruth Darlene Stewart
Belgian Shepherd DogBest of Breed, GRCH URO1 UAGII SIDEKICK'S MEMORY OF VILLA ROMAOwned by: Susan Geers-Meiners
Berger Des PyreneesBest of Breed, CH CHAPARRAL'S WINOCQOwned by: Stephanie Sova Meleigha Schimmoller
Berger PicardBest of Breed, URO1 CAX GRCH EKEKO DE LA VALLEE D'OTTAWAOwned by: Sonja Taylor
Bernese Mountain DogBest of Breed, CH ADESA'S DEVIL'S NIGHTOwned by: Jennifer Zablotny
Bichon FriseBest of Breed, GRCH GREATLAKES WHFOOT TREASURE, EFOwned by: Elizabeth Martin
Black Russian TerrierBest of Breed, CH OVER THE MOON ABOUT CHEKANOwned by: Peaches Matyaszek
Border CollieBest of Breed, URO2 GRCH UAGI BONNIDUNE PADDY O'CORNUSOwned by: Susan Geers-Meiners / Rob Meiners
Border TerrierBest of Breed, CA CH GLENLAIR LEGACYOwned by: Betty Mc Neil-Scott / Bryon Scott
BorzoiBest of Breed, CH DEL SOL JOKER'S GAMBLEOwned by: Susan Van De Water
Boston TerrierBest of Breed, GRCH KATBIRD'S ON THE RIGHT TRACKOwned by: Jill Moore & Kathryn Graves
Bouvier Des FlandresBest of Breed, CH INDELIBLE KANDI'S TRUST IN MEOwned by: Sonja Van Maanen & Marie Prior
BoxerBest of Breed, GRCH THORBOLT'S OH SO SWEETOwned by: Jacqueline S Maltsberger & John T Rogers
Bracco ItalianoBest of Breed, CH TIARA DEI SANCHIOwned by: Allison Mitchell
Braque Du BourbannaisBest of Breed, GRCH RUFNIT TAURUSOwned by: Shari Lee Stueck
BrittanyBest of Breed, GRCH KSTAR SPEAK DE HAPPY CHARLIEOwned by: Kathy Shannon
Brussels GriffonBest of Breed, CH BLACKWOOD FINLEY OF AH-ZOwned by: Lew Olson
BullmastiffGold star IconBest of Breed, URO1 CH TRACABULLS WHEN FATE STEPS INOwned by: Christine Van Vleet & Philip G Van Vleet Jr
Cairn TerrierBest of Breed, GRCH MISTYWYNS CASEY AT THE BATOwned by: Bobbie Green / Jerry Green
Cavalier Kng.Chas.SpanielBest of Breed, CH GLENIRE'S ESMERELDAOwned by: Valerie Toth Emily Toth Tamminga
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverGold star IconBest of Breed, CH MIKENNA'S BABY BEAROwned by: Charles Kenneth Franks
ChihuahuaBest of Breed, GRCH FOXSONG B-Z-B'S TOUCH OF GOLDOwned by: Shirley Ann Banderet & Randi A Bethold
Chinese CrestedBest of Breed, CH GRACIEUX KETO THIS KATS ALLTHATOwned by: Kerry Leonard
ChinookBest of Breed, GRCH'PR'BASHABA SKYOwned by: Mary Jo Crance John Habermehl Karen Hinchy
Cocker SpanielBest of Breed, CH TOYBOX FAIR WINDS & BLUE SKIESOwned by: Joy Brand
Coton De TulearGold star IconBest of Breed, CH SANDEE'S HOPE JEWEL IN THE RUFOwned by: Sharon Detro
Curly-Coated RetrieverBest of Breed, GRCH RIVERWATCH GRAND ILLUSIONOwned by: Mary Meek & Gary Meek
Czechoslovakian VlcakBest of Breed, CH BUDDHA Z POSTUPICKEHO PODLESIOwned by: Terri Lynn Wemigwans
DachshundBest of Breed, GRCH RED'S JIM BEAM MSOwned by: Rita Kepner
DalmatianGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH DIAMOND C'YA AT THE FINISHLINEOwned by: Jeff Bulger & Susan Bulger
Doberman PinscherBest of Breed, URO1 CH RAVENSWOOD BLACK RAVENOwned by: Jessica Edgerly
Dogue De BordeauxBest of Breed, GRCH ROGUEDOGUES LEGEND OFTHE GUARDIANOwned by: Lynn Chacho / Kasie Jo Lopes
Dutch ShepherdGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH MY GIRL TESSA OF CHER CAROwned by: Tom Ballard / Kathy Ballard
English BulldogGold star IconBest of Breed, CH CHADKLIER'S SAMSON SUPREMEOwned by: James Reath
English Cocker SpanielBest of Breed, GRCH SUGAR CREEK DOSE OF REALITYOwned by: Lora Richards / Paige Downer
English PointerBest of Breed, CH MALMASON ALYDAR SHINEY NEW SHOEOwned by: Alicia Howell Beth Kirven
English Springer SpanielBest of Breed, GRCH RIVERSONG BRIDGE TO FROGCREEKOwned by: Christine Carroll & Kimberly S Winkler
Estrela Mountain DogBest of Breed, GRCH MC COY BY TRAILSENDOwned by: Cindy Martishius
Field SpanielGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH CABOT N SEABREEZE NIGHT TRAINOwned by: Susan Meachem & Lori Carver
Finnish SpitzBest of Breed, CH MAXASTA'S ROWDY'S LEGACEYOwned by: Karen Cattin
Flat-Coated RetrieverBest of Breed, UNJ GRCH VINES WATER DRAGONOwned by: Darleen Knapp & John Knapp
French BulldogBest of Breed, CH SUIRAC'S DEAL OR NO DEALOwned by: Debbie Ecarius
German PinscherBest of Breed, CH SD MARCHMADNESS TRIUMPHOwned by: Deborah J Howe
German Shepherd DogGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH CATTIN RHINES MY O MIDASOwned by: Karen Cattin
German Shorthaired PntrBest of Breed, UAGI GRCH EUROPA AUS DER ABENDSTERNOwned by: Jennie Dunaway
German SpitzGold star IconBest of Breed, CH CASSANDRA'S HEIDIOwned by: Cassandra Britt
Giant SchnauzerBest of Breed, GRCH NORTHERN LIGHTS APOLLOOwned by: Tara Miller
Golden RetrieverBest of Breed, GRCH STORMYPTS REMINGTON @ GLDNROSEOwned by: Julie Cooke
Gordon SetterBest of Breed, CH GRIZ'S ANGUS FIRESTORM N WARCHANTOwned by: Dawn M Hamilton & Samuel Hamilton
Great PyreneesBest of Breed, CH GLENIRE ULYSSESOwned by: Valerie Toth Emily Toth Tamminga
GreyhoundBest of Breed, CH LAKILANNI SOME LIKE IT HOTOwned by: Carol Guest
HavaneseBest of Breed, GRCH ELBRON SHOWDOWNOwned by: Carla Bright / Donald Bright
Hungarian Wh VizslaBest of Breed, CH FUREDI VADASZ ANTIOwned by: Gayle Nelson / Larry Nelson
Italian GreyhoundBest of Breed, CH CALIENTE'S BOKA PIRATE'S BOOTIEOwned by: Kathy Schwartzenberger / Robert Schwartzenberger
Jack Russell TerrierBest of Breed, GRCH WALNUT CREEK TRU LE HANDSOMEOwned by: Dorthe Hansen
Japanese AkitaBest of Breed, CH CELTIC'S BEAUTIFUL DARKNESSOwned by: Karen Blohm-Mangone
Kerry Blue TerrierBest of Breed, CH KERRISEL'S JUST ONE LOOKOwned by: Reita Nicholson & Craig Nicholson
KooikerhondjeBest of Breed, CH IRON RAVENSWOOD VON WICHTELHAUSOwned by: Rodney A Beckstead & Marta Beckstead
KromfohrlanderBest of Breed, CH HOOLAHOP'S FELIXOwned by: Mary M Dixon
La Catahoula Leopard DogBest of Breed, UAGI URO2 UCD GRCH JETTA'S BEARHAWKE-GOwned by: Kim Brunner / Rick Brunner
Labrador RetrieverGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH BELLEDINS COOL CHANGE MIDNITOwned by: Michelle Kiko
LeonbergerBest of Breed, GRCH HAUS GUTFREUND DIAMOND IN BUFFOwned by: Julie Hatlas-Pepper
Miniature PinscherGold star IconBest of Breed, CH MARLEX N MARISOL BOLD MOVESOwned by: Melanie Hackett
Miniature SchnauzerBest of Breed, CH HARMINI'S THIRD EUCHRE TRICKOwned by: Terri Harmon & Kelli Harmon
MudiBest of Breed, GRCH TZOLKIN'S KIOWA KADENCEOwned by: Kayla King
Multi-Colored PoodleBest of Breed, GRCH VANTAN COLOUR MY WORLD V JOLAIROwned by: Anna Gonzalez
NewfoundlandBest of Breed, CH THREEPONDS YOU'VE GOT MAILOwned by: Lori A Carver & Robert W Carver
Norfolk TerrierBest of Breed, CH RIGHTLY SO SMART SYNDICATEOwned by: Robin Newton-Searles
Norwich TerrierBest of Breed, CH WILDTROUT 42 AT FOX RUNOwned by: Roberta Kirby
Ns Duck Tolling RetrieverBest of Breed, CH VERMILION'S ZORACHAT CHASHMALOwned by: Susan Beausoleil Bograd
Old English SheepdogBest of Breed, CH KEN-BEAR'S WINDFIELD TUDOR THORNOwned by: William B Farr & Wanda J Farr
OtterhoundGold star IconBest of Breed, CH OHEAVENS WORTH REPEATINGOwned by: Nancy L Lange / Karmen Lange
PapillonBest of Breed, GRCH PIZAZ'S MISS MAYLIEOwned by: Carol Rosecrans Tamara Holtz
Parson Russell TerrierBest of Breed, CH MONTANA SKY'S SET IN STERLINGOwned by: Patricia M Robinson
Patterdale TerrierBest of Breed, CA CH 5 STAR LITTLE BLACK DRESSOwned by: Sheree Sanchez
Pembroke Welsh CorgiBest of Breed, GRCH RAGLANSDREAM MAGIC JAGUAR LINKOwned by: Shelley Bondy
Podengo PortuguesoGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH BLACKSHEEP H.H. KRILLINOwned by: Blake Biggs
PoodleGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH SNOVALI RENEGADEOwned by: Linda Kepner / Yvonne Aitken
PorcelaineBest of Breed, IRISHCORDS BATTLE @ PARKERSOwned by: Fred Murphree / Vickey Murphree
Portuguese PointerBest of Breed, CH KOMMANDER DO BERCO DO BASALTOOwned by: Elizabeth Dow / Douglas Dow
Portuguese Water DogBest of Breed, UNJ CH HI SEAS DR. ROMEO MACDUFFOwned by: Louise Glenda Newton
PugBest of Breed, GRCH EXQUISITE MY LITTLE ERNIEOwned by: Mary Di Perna Jessica Di Perna
Rat TerrierBest of Breed, GRCH 3BF FIFTY SHADES OF GREATNESSOwned by: Electra Blair
Rhodesian RidgebackBest of Breed, CH RVRDS SHAMWARI VHINNY'S LEGACYOwned by: Laura L Brodt & Cheryl A Holt
RottweilerBest of Breed, GRCH WRIGHT JAKE SULLY OF WILDHAVENOwned by: Debrah S Riegel
Russkiy ToyBest of Breed, GRCH ARELETTE'S ESCHEROwned by: Roberta L Lewis / Michael G Lewis
SalukiGold star IconBest of Breed, CH WINDBOURNE LEVANTO LANCEROwned by: Jean Colletti
SamoyedBest of Breed, CH PEBBLES'RUN PERFECTPEARLSMLJKNOwned by: Karyn Colman & Jari Nirhamo
SchipperkeBest of Breed, CH LOCHRYAN'S CELESTE DE LESCAUTOwned by: Karen Testa
Sealyham TerrierBest of Breed, CH THUNDER RD HOLLYWOOD NITESOwned by: Hope Browne
Shetland SheepdogBest of Breed, GRCH AGAPE'S NOAH'S ARK IIOwned by: Patricia Gustafson & Priscilla Gardner
ShibaBest of Breed, CH TINTOWN'S DAYDREAM BELIEVEROwned by: Stephanie Abel Summer Abel
Siberian HuskyBest of Breed, GRCH SNOWBORN'S ONE FOR THE CORPSOwned by: James C Holt / Diana L Brumbaugh
Silken WindhoundGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH'PR'GRYFFYNS AEYRIE STOP AND STAREDNAOwned by: R Lynn Shell / Victor Whitlock
Staffordshire BullterrierBest of Breed, CH OAKDELL ARMY'S STAFF SERGEANTOwned by: Pamela Dural
Standard Multi-Colored PoodleBest of Breed, CH CNC REBECCA'S SOMETHIN SPECIALOwned by: Jean Marie Robertson Jennipher R Payne Chris Robertson
Standard PoodleBest of Breed, GRCH JACKNIC'S BIG LOVEOwned by: Kathleen Esio-King
Standard SchnauzerBest of Breed, CH SKETCHBOOK SMARTY JONESOwned by: Grace Freeman & Liz Hansen
Teddy Roosevelt TerrierBest of Breed, USR UFCH GRCH WEEBITS COPPER DYNAMOOwned by: Sarah Flour / Jimmy Flour
Thai RidgebackBest of Breed, URO1 UWP CCM GRCH URBAN LEGENDS TURNING HEADSOwned by: Mary Ann Nemisz
Tibetan MastiffBest of Breed, CH GREATLAKES WILLIAMS GRAND DUCHESSOwned by: Kathleen Hannan
Toy Fox TerrierBest of Breed, GRCH'PR'TRACKSIDE'S MY ROWDY SPIRITOwned by: Sharon Bruckschen / Lori King
VizslaGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH SOLARIS SWEET TARTOwned by: Beth Kirven / Rachael Murphy
WeimaranerBest of Breed, CH GRAYSONGS SPIRIT OF DAS RHEINGOLDOwned by: Karl Brauning & Julia Schulz
Welsh Springer SpanielBest of Breed, CH BREHAVEN'S COWGIRLS DON'T CRYOwned by: Brenda Landers & Arthur Landers
WhippetBest of Breed, GRCH DUNESVIEW'S AUTUMN MOONLIGHTOwned by: Vern Borgman / Beth Borgman
White ShepherdBest of Breed, GRCH BAHR-S ROYAL TEQUILA SUNRISEOwned by: Jean Reeves
Wirehaired Point. GriffonBest of Breed, CH ROCK RUN PERONIOwned by: Kathy Yontz Jeff Yontz
Yorkshire TerrierBest of Breed, GRCH MYSTICMOONS REBEL ROUSEROwned by: Trudie Nelson / Bill Nelson