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Top 10 Winner: URO1 GRCH BLUPRINTS LIL TERROR@BUCKEYE, an American Pit Bull Terrier owned by Sue Phillips / Apryl Hall from North Baltimore, OH.

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Afghan HoundBest of Breed, GRCH BAKURA SUNI FORMULA ONEOwned by: Lynda Hicks & Toni King
AkitaBest of Breed, GRCH REGALIA'S KEEPSAKE RULEROwned by: Gary D Oliver
Alaskan Klee KaiBest of Breed, GRCH'PR'ALIAK'S THRU THE FIRE AND FLAMESOwned by: Lisa Monge Karen Street
Alaskan MalamuteBest of Breed, CH VYKON STICKS LIKE GLUEOwned by: Janette Slusher
American B & T CoonhoundBest of Breed, CCH GRCH'PR'BEAR RUN I WANT TO BE A PLAYBOYOwned by: Jackie Carpenter
American BulldogBest of Breed, CH KING HAVEN'S WINSTONOwned by: Dorothy Morone
American BullyBest of Breed, GRCH FS L&J RUSH HOUR FREEWAYOwned by: Jessica Gary Luis Ochoa Yepez
American EskimoGold star IconBest of Breed, CAX GRCH'PR'PINEBROOK SMILIN' MILO OF VIBOOwned by: Danielle Christensen
American Hairless TerrierGold star IconBest of Breed, UFR CAX GRCH'PR'SARANTAIS SHADOW WALKER @ WMKOwned by: Karyn Pingel / Ryan Pingel
American Leopard HoundBest of Breed, CCH GRCH ELBURNS GRINGOOwned by: Curtis Elburn Megan Chadwick
American Pit Bull TerrierGold star IconBest of Breed, URO1 GRCH BLUPRINTS LIL TERROR@BUCKEYEOwned by: Sue Phillips / Apryl Hall
Australian Cattle DogBest of Breed, CH G'DAY MATES TIME TO SHINEOwned by: Doreen Heywood Kelly Ann Rea
Australian ShepherdBest of Breed, UAGI GRCH LK MICHIGAN'S BOLD MASQUERADEOwned by: Kallie Bontrager
BarbetBest of Breed, GRCH GINKGO DE AMELIA BRIC ANAM CHARAOwned by: C Lynn Vogt-Kinsey / Leslie Woodward
BasenjiBest of Breed, PTE UWP URO2 GRCH BUSHWACKER KIROJA BREAKING BADOwned by: Kelli Harmon
Basset Fauve De BretagneBest of Breed, CH BLEVWIL DRAMA QUEENOwned by: Carolyn De Fiore Shirley J Darnell
BeagleBest of Breed, CGRCH TILL'S IF DREAMS COME TRUEOwned by: Tricia Till
Bearded CollieBest of Breed, CH BERGERIE'S DEJA VUOwned by: Michelle M Molloy
Belgian Shepherd DogBest of Breed, GRCH URO2 UAGII SIDEKICK'S MEMORY OF VILLA ROMAOwned by: Susan Geers-Meiners
Berger Des PyreneesBest of Breed, CH CHAPARRAL'S WINOCQOwned by: Stephanie Sova Meleigha Schimmoller
Berger PicardGold star IconBest of Breed, URO1 CAX GRCH DOUBLE D'S FIELDS OF FERNOwned by: Jennifer Cannon
Bernese Mountain DogBest of Breed, CH ADESA'S UNDER THE BOARDWALKOwned by: Kimberly Murmyluk Ken Murmyluk
Bichon FriseBest of Breed, CH GLBF DIAMOND AWARD MOTOWN MELOwned by: Elizabeth Martin
Black Russian TerrierBest of Breed, URO1 CH RUSSIANPRIDE WHISPERED PROMISEOwned by: Shannon Freeman
BloodhoundBest of Breed, URO1 CH ALLUSIVE DREAMS DOWN BY THE DELTAOwned by: Kimberly Turpin
Bluetick CoonhoundBest of Breed, CCH GRCH'PR'BLUE POWER ROCK MY WORLDOwned by: Diann Stine / Wes Stine
Border CollieBest of Breed, UCD URO3 GRCH UAGI BONNIDUNE PADDY O'CORNUSOwned by: Susan Geers-Meiners / Rob Meiners
Border TerrierBest of Breed, CH BANNERKIN'S NO DRESS CODEOwned by: Mary E King
Boston TerrierBest of Breed, CH JINGLES BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDEOwned by: Jill Moore Kathryn Graves
Bouvier Des FlandresBest of Breed, CH ROBBINS CALL ME CUTTYOwned by: Rebecca Allen-Robbins Emily Robbins Cheryl Randall
BoxerBest of Breed, GRCH THORBOLT'S OH SO SWEETOwned by: Jacqueline S Maltsberger & John T Rogers
Bracco ItalianoBest of Breed, SHR CH GABRIEL'S DREAM D'AULICOOwned by: Jennifer N Caban
BrittanyBest of Breed, GRCH K STAR CAN HOLLY SNO BEST TANOwned by: Kathy Shannon
Brussels GriffonBest of Breed, CH LAGNIAPPE IM LITTLE JOE V NRBSOwned by: Jill Summerford-Davis
BullmastiffBest of Breed, CH NEWCASTLE'S STANDING OVATIONOwned by: Julia Hornshaw
Cairn TerrierBest of Breed, GRCH MISTYWYNS CASEY AT THE BATOwned by: Bobbie Green / Jerry Green
Cane Corso ItalianoBest of Breed, GRCH CASANOVA'S STEEL RAINOwned by: Jessica Caster
Cardigan Welsh CorgiBest of Breed, CH YASASHIIKUMA I AM NOT A NUMBEROwned by: Shelley Camm
Cavalier Kng.Chas.SpanielBest of Breed, CH PIERSON OF ROSE CITYOwned by: Doris Anderson
Central Asian ShepherddogBest of Breed, URO1 GRCH FERGIE CHACALKIZ CHENEKELOwned by: Susan Lindquist
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverBest of Breed, UJJ CH CHESABAR'S DUCK DUCK GOOSEOwned by: Tina L Camp Kim L Cramer
ChihuahuaGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH FOXSONG B-Z-B'S TOUCH OF GOLDOwned by: Shirley Ann Banderet & Randi A Bethold
Chinese CrestedBest of Breed, CH STARLYTES I GOT A NEW ERASEROwned by: Stephanie Sova
Chinese Shar-PeiBest of Breed, CH SUNSET VIEW'S NUTMEGOwned by: Margaret Phillips
ChinookBest of Breed, CA URX2 GRCH UROC'PR'SKYLAND HARPER OF GRTMTNOwned by: Denise Reed & Steve Kramer
Clumber SpanielBest of Breed, CH CLUSSEXX GIMME BACK MY BULLETSOwned by: Thomas B Williford Chandler D Pattisall Karen Yager Jeane Haverick
Cocker SpanielBest of Breed, CH CHARLESTONS RED WHITE N BLUEOwned by: Lisa Brown Johnathon Wehry
CollieBest of Breed, CH PEBBLECREEK'S ETCHED IN STONEOwned by: Andrea M Randon
Curly-Coated RetrieverBest of Breed, CH BRIO'S GRAND MASTER FLASHOwned by: Susan Davis
Czechoslovakian VlcakBest of Breed, CH BUDDHA Z POSTUPICKEHO PODLESIOwned by: Terri Lynn Wemigwans
DachshundBest of Breed, GRCH RED'S JIM BEAM MSOwned by: Rita Kepner
DalmatianBest of Breed, ANGEL'S NEST TAKES A CHANCEOwned by: Linda Gerzanics Gregory Gerzanics Jennifer Gerzanics
Doberman PinscherGold star IconBest of Breed, CH GLISSADE'S FLASHES OF FIREOwned by: Felicity Trammell
Dogo ArgentinoBest of Breed, CH ARRIANA ANGELOwned by: Eva Andelova
Dogue De BordeauxBest of Breed, CH ESTHER EST FOUOwned by: Deborah Mc Laughlin Fredrick Mc Laughlin
Dutch ShepherdBest of Breed, URO1 GRCH MY GIRL TESSA OF CHER CAROwned by: Tom Ballard / Kathy Ballard
English Cocker SpanielGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH SUGAR CREEK DOSE OF REALITYOwned by: Lora Richards / Paige Downer
English CoonhoundBest of Breed, CCH GRCH'PR'D'ARCO'S KATIE GIRLOwned by: Joseph D'arco & Erin D'arco
English SetterBest of Breed, INDSKY SNOWBLT TRI'D TO BE A BLUEOwned by: Kaye Franks
English Springer SpanielGold star IconBest of Breed, CH BROWNWELL PHILLIPS HMS SURPRISEOwned by: Krista M Basta Tracy Brown
Epagneul BretonBest of Breed, HUNT CH SMITH'S DEVA DE PONDSIDEOwned by: W Edward Smith
Field SpanielBest of Breed, GRCH FREEDOMS SPIRIT OF THE STORMOwned by: Lori A Carver & Dorothy O'neil
Flat-Coated RetrieverBest of Breed, UNJ GRCH VINES WATER DRAGONOwned by: Darleen Knapp & John Knapp
French BulldogBest of Breed, CH JAYMIST COME SAIL AWAYOwned by: Lauren Sobol
German Shepherd DogBest of Breed, URO1 CA GRCH PUMA VOM ROYALEOwned by: Gail Bauer
German Shorthaired PntrBest of Breed, GRCH BNJ DARK KNIGHT'S POISONOwned by: Beth De Vries Jeff De Vries
German SpitzBest of Breed, CH CASSANDRA'S MARQUIS GANDOLFOwned by: Cassandra Britt
German Wirehaired PointerBest of Breed, CH DUSTY'S BLOWING KISSESOwned by: Joni Cornell Rebekah Platts
Gordon SetterBest of Breed, GRCH GRIZ'S ANGUS FIRESTORM N WARCHANTOwned by: Dawn M Hamilton & Samuel Hamilton
Great PyreneesBest of Breed, CH GLENIRE NEDRIK RICHARDOwned by: Valerie Toth Emily Toth Tamminga
GreyhoundBest of Breed, CCB GRCH ROSEWOOD'S ROMAN CANDLEOwned by: Leslie Reeve
Hungarian Wh VizslaBest of Breed, CH FUREDI VADASZ ANTIOwned by: Gayle Nelson / Larry Nelson
Irish Red & White SetterBest of Breed, CH AISLINGCUDO IS NESSA NA RIOwned by: Patricia Ua Siaghail
Irish SetterBest of Breed, CH COURTWOOD COBBLESTONEOwned by: Deborah M Lawrence
Irish WolfhoundBest of Breed, CH BAINBRIDGE FROM EARTH TO THE MOONOwned by: Sally A Mc Namara
Jack Russell TerrierBest of Breed, CH ORIGINAL MASTER'S VOICE LUCAOwned by: Tyler Crane Sheila Harris-Crane
Japanese AkitaBest of Breed, CH HANAE GO SAWADAKA KENSHAOwned by: Claire Matthews
KeeshondBest of Breed, CH MARKWRIGHT'S SHADES OF TIMEOwned by: Mary Ellen Meyer
Kerry Blue TerrierBest of Breed, CH KERRISEL'S FIGHT LIKE A GIRLOwned by: Reita Nicholson Craig Nicholson
KooikerhondjeBest of Breed, RATN URO1 CH UAGI OORBELLEN MELOwned by: Sarah Krueger Charles Brendel
KromfohrlanderBest of Breed, CH HOOLAHOP'S FELIXOwned by: Mary M Dixon
KuvaszBest of Breed, CH SZEP TARS PUSH THE BEAT AT AWOwned by: Barbara A Tatay
La Catahoula Leopard DogBest of Breed, CA GRCH TASSO'S KING OF HEARTSOwned by: Cynthia Sanders
Labrador RetrieverBest of Breed, GRCH BELLEDINS COOL CHANGE MIDNITOwned by: Michelle Kiko
LeonbergerBest of Breed, CH EX ANIMO BENVENUTI AMICIOwned by: Rachel White
Miniature PinscherBest of Breed, CH TRI-DEL'S MOONLITE CHATOwned by: Martha Wojtaszek / Cindy Clark
Miniature SchnauzerBest of Breed, CH URO2 ERNHART'S LIKE A ROLLING STONEOwned by: Hannah Ward
Multi-Colored PoodleGold star IconBest of Breed, CH CARALOT'S FOREVER A TRIPLETAKEOwned by: Julie A Bogart Rebecca Bertouille
NewfoundlandGold star IconBest of Breed, CH TOPSHELFS EYE OF THE HURRICANEOwned by: Charles Ialungo
Ns Duck Tolling RetrieverBest of Breed, CA URX SHR UJJ UCDX UACH UWPCH UROC GRCH REDLEAF'S DIABLO ROJOOwned by: Constance M Goetz & Ricci A Goetz
Old English SheepdogBest of Breed, CA UCD UWP URO3 CH LIMEHOUSE HELLCAT O'HAREOwned by: Aubrey Scheuer
PapillonBest of Breed, GRCH WINGHAVEN PRIVATE RYANOwned by: Elizabeth Shonts
Parson Russell TerrierBest of Breed, CH CORN ROW PIERCEOwned by: Ruth Matheos
Patterdale TerrierBest of Breed, CAX GRCH 5 STAR LITTLE BLACK DRESSOwned by: Sheree Sanchez
Pembroke Welsh CorgiBest of Breed, GRCH RAGLANSDREAM'S BORDER RANGEROwned by: Shelley Bondy
Pet Bst Griffon VendeenGold star IconBest of Breed, CH NYKARTH MOONLITE WITH SOLETRADEROwned by: Carol Orzechowski
Pharaoh HoundBest of Breed, CH KAIJE'S CONIRAYAOwned by: Bekki Pina Martin Del Prince
Podengo PortuguesoGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH HOULA'S BORDER PATROL PWOwned by: Patricia Reisert / Stacy Faw
PoodleBest of Breed, GRCH CIEPRICE VALENTINE WITH MARTINIOwned by: Joan Priest
PorcelaineBest of Breed, CH BERANKOVI TULIP OF OAK HILLOwned by: Cynthia R Drake Olsie D Owens Jr
Portuguese Water DogBest of Breed, CH SAFEHARBOR SOUTH SHORE SAILOROwned by: Fran Aring & Wendy Anderson
PugBest of Breed, GRCH EXQUISITE MY LITTLE ERNIEOwned by: Mary Di Perna Jessica Di Perna
Rat TerrierGold star IconBest of Breed, NBOB UCD UAGI URO3 GRCH RAGANRAT'S QUINTESSENTIAL QOwned by: Darice Ragan / Harriett Browne
Redbone CoonhoundBest of Breed, FCH CA CGRCH GRCH'PR'GRAND RIVER'S OK DIXIE MAE DOOOwned by: Marissa Turner
Rhodesian RidgebackBest of Breed, CH DYKUMOS LADY ZARA IN WAITINGOwned by: Lynda Hurlow
Russkiy ToyBest of Breed, GRCH ARELETTE'S ESCHEROwned by: Roberta L Lewis / Michael G Lewis
SalukiBest of Breed, CH WINDBOURNE LEVANTO LANCEROwned by: Jean Colletti
SamoyedGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH DBL HLX RISING STAR AT SNOBIZOwned by: Robin Clark
SchipperkeBest of Breed, CH TUMBLEWEED'S MOONLIGHTING BARLOOwned by: Nancy Anderson & June A Moore
Shetland SheepdogGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH IMPERIAL MASTER STORY TELLEROwned by: Patricia Runge / James Kuhn
Siberian HuskyGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH SHIVER VANILLA ICE CREAM BAROwned by: Karen Street Melanie A Kutska Helen M Kutska
Siberian HuskyGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH SNOWBORN'S HOPE BURNS ETERNALOwned by: Leisa Bridle James C Holt Diana Brumbaugh
Silken WindhoundBest of Breed, GRCH'PR'GRYFFYN'S ALL THE RIGHT MOVES DNAOwned by: Vicki Frey
Silky TerrierBest of Breed, CH BLACK OPALS STARK RAVEN MADOwned by: Phyllis Gasper
SloughiBest of Breed, CH OCERICO DAHIOwned by: Karen Fuhrmann Erika N Chen-Walsh
Staffordshire BullterrierBest of Breed, GRCH 1OFAKINDS NO SLEEP TIL BRKLYNNOwned by: Amy Johnson / Tim Johnson
Standard Multi-Colored PoodleBest of Breed, GRCH MOZAIC UNIQUE SEQUELOwned by: Gina Wainiola
Standard PoodleGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH DELPASSION BAD GIRL BYREQUESTOwned by: Kathleen Esio-King Carol Dean Wendy Penn
Teddy Roosevelt TerrierBest of Breed, GRCH WEEBITS ZORROOwned by: Lesa Barnett
Thai RidgebackBest of Breed, PTE NN URO1 UWP CCM GRCH URBAN LEGENDS TURNING HEADSOwned by: Mary Ann Nemisz
Tibetan SpanielBest of Breed, GRCH TIN-MAN HOW SWEET IT ISOwned by: Joline Finke David Finke Sheri A Rose
Toy Fox TerrierGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH'PR'FLAIR'S DUE PROCESSOwned by: Kimberly K Rowley
Treeing Walker CoonhoundBest of Breed, CH CCH'PR'GRANDRIVERS BONIFIED CITY BOYOwned by: Marissa Turner Susan Anderson
VizslaGold star IconBest of Breed, GRCH OURDREAM'S WHEEL OF FORTUNEOwned by: Mary-Ellen Harvey / Kevin Harvey
VizslaBest of Breed, GRCH OURDREAM'S WHEEL OF FORTUNEOwned by: Mary-Ellen Harvey / Kevin Harvey
WeimaranerBest of Breed, CH PLATINUM ULTIMATE RENAISSANCE MANOwned by: Tanya K Rowan
Welsh Springer SpanielGold star IconBest of Breed, CH ROLYART'S MOST VALUABLE PLAYEROwned by: Karen Young
WhippetBest of Breed, CT URO2 GRCH YASHANTI N NONSUCH MY BLUE HEAVENOwned by: Diana Wehry & Lisa Brown
White ShepherdBest of Breed, GRCH HOOFPRINT BLAZING COMETOwned by: Lynda Proulx
Wirehaired Point. GriffonBest of Breed, UCD URO1 CH CHUKAR WELLDRESSED SHRPSHOOTEROwned by: Terri Korthals
W.Highland White TerrierBest of Breed, CH MAYHEM'S FINVARRAOwned by: Pat Ray Loretta Nells
Yorkshire TerrierBest of Breed, GRCH WEXFORD'S MOONLIGHT FINALEOwned by: Cheryl Hill